best of dc january 2023 legacy dc

One of the most popular dispensaries in DC, Legacy DC is an excellent place to buy cannabis and other products in the DC area. They love their customers and have an ongoing offer where you can get a free pre-roll of premium weed if you leave a review for the business. Leave ten reviews, and get ten pre-rolls!

This deal makes Legacy DC a hot place to order weed from, but they also carry special and relatively rare strains that you should check out.

When you shop at different dispensaries in an area, you’ll notice that most of them have similar strains available. But Legacy DC carries lesser-known strains that are perfect for people who love to experiment with different strains and see what’s out there!

Currently, they have some delicious Indicas like Garlotti, Apple Tartz, Biscotti, and Peach Ringz. If you prefer Sativas, check out their Alpha Blue or The Soap. But if you love the best of both worlds, they have yummy 50/50 hybrids like Alpha Runtz and the creamy White Cherry Gelato. Try these exotic strains before they get scooped up by your fellow DC tokers!

Check out the Legacy DC dispensary from 10-8 Sunday through Thursday and 10-10 on Fridays and Saturdays. Call them at 202-684-9918 if you have any questions about products and deals. The dispensary is at 1937 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009.

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