best of dc january 2023 flower ave. productions

Flower Ave. Productions is one of the most fun places to go for all your cannabis needs. They have a pristine website that is exciting to explore, and they make it easy to find their monthly and daily deals that are irresistible.

We’ll mention this month’s deals in a moment, but first, you need to know about their January giveaway. Enter the giveaway on their website, and you can win two tickets to the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Washington Wizards game! But if you don’t care about basketball, you’ll still want to visit their site to check out their deals.

Some of their best deals include a premium ounce for $150, $175, or $200 (depending on the shelf), Canon pre-rolls for $25 each, and Muha Meds carts for $30 each. But many stoners love a good mix-and-match deal, and Flower Avenue knows that. This month they have two mix-and-match deals you’ll want to check out.

The first is $50 off a mix-and-match of any two ounces of flower. Depending on the strains you choose, you could be getting two punches for only $250! If edibles are more your speed, you can mix and match three on-sale edibles and get a hefty discount!

Whether you want varieties of flower or tasty edibles, Flower Avenue is the best place to order from if you love mixing and matching your products.

Flower Avenue Productions does not have a physical location and exclusively offers delivery services. You can order online or call them at 240-794-8158 if you have any questions about their products or promotions.

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