best of dc january 2023 all the buzz

All The Buzz is one of the top dispensaries in DC, offering stellar deals every day and every month so you can get the best products for a low price. Currently, All The Buzz has a t-shirt promotion going on.

If you buy one of the All The Buzz t-shirts, you get 3.5 grams of flower as a gift! The shirts are $50, and you get to walk out with some merch and dank nugs. The strains that apply to this promotion are Strawberry Jam, Obama Runtz, and Black Water. All three of these delicious stores can be yours if you buy a fly t-shirt.

If you want something even cooler, you can select one of the premium t-shirts, pay $60, and get 3.5 grams of a top-shelf flower. With a $60 shirt purchase, you can choose from several strains, including Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Double Stuff-D Oreoz, Sour Diesel, and Captain Crunch Berries.

And if one of their rad t-shirts doesn’t appeal to you, you can buy a $45 face mask and get a few grams of Modified Grape, Dogwalker OG, Fire OG, or Rolls Choice!

Visit them seven days a week between 10 am to 9 pm or call 202-803-2263! The dispensary is located at 3232 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20010, and the knowledgeable employees are eager to hook you up with a tasty deal and maybe some cool merch.

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