Next up for the Best of DC is Peace In The Air, another notorious and top-notch DC cannabis delivery service. Peace In The Air offers high-quality cannabis delivery services located in DC. Blending the love of music and cannabis, Peace In The Air cultivated a unique and creative union for music aficionados and cannabis enthusiasts to come together and benefit from the combined experience of high-quality cannabis flower and hot new music.

As a proud, black-owned business, Peace In The Air is dedicated to providing its customers with the best the industry has to offer paired with unmatched service. Peace In The Air offers both walk-ins and meetups while being open seven days per week, Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm with extended hours on Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm.

With an expansive array of hot new music and high-quality cannabis gifts, music lovers and cannabis connoisseurs are treated to an exciting experience with many different options and pairings to choose from. All musical purchases come with a complementary cannabis gift which can take the form of Peace In The Air’s broad selection of cannabis flower and edibles. Their menu is always subject to change which allows for fresh new products to glean the shelves for their customers to explore and enjoy. Peace In The Air also offers pre-roll gifting options and has a variety of great deals to check out and take advantage of. Don’t forget to mention 420DC and receive a special discount upon placing an order.

Best of DC (January 2022) - Peace In The Air

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