high there dc

Instituted with an objective to destigmatize marijuana use, High There DC has strived to create a welcoming and accessible shopping experience for all its customers. The management has ensured they provided a welcoming atmosphere with calm music and friendly staff influencing their clients positively.

High There DC assures you that their cannabis products are 100% guaranteed, legal and safe to use. These products include edibles, vape pens, mushrooms, and cartridges. They also pride themselves on their quality flowers which are their best sellers.

If you are a new smoker, consider choosing from the regular grade selection picks. Most DC customers have preferred their Durban Poison, AK-47, and OG strains, including OG Kush, Sky Walker OG, and Fire OG. Also, Biscotti, Dolato, and Gushers have won the hearts of seasoned smokers.

Additionally, for veteran smokers, most are advised to choose from the exotics menu, including the GMO cookies, Runtz, Creamie Pie, and Kosher Kush that contain 26%-34% THC.

Because their high-quality strains are garnering much following today, High There DC ensures they attract their customers to go back again by offering them some ridiculous deals and discounts on their orders.

For example, for every moon rock purchase, you get a free edible, and for new customers, any purchase beyond $100 will earn you a free pre-roll or edible, depending on your choice.

Thus, if you are interested in having a kush party, do not hesitate to call or text them at (202) 819-7828. You can also visit their website to skim their products and prices, talk to their customer delivery staff to help you choose the right cannabis product, and stay updated on their menu.

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