hall of fame exotics

Word on the street is that Hall of Fame Exotics is home to exclusive cannabis premium strains and products. With an impressive track record in excellent delivery services in DC, Hall of Fame Exotics has given other cannabis stores stiff competition.

From serving hybrid cannabis strains including Blue Train, Orange Sunrise, and Banana Haze, premium flowers, buds, carts, pre-rolls, edibles, and cartridges, this DC-based cannabis retail store is a smoking nirvana for cannabis fanatics. It often ensures that their menu is up to date without any baits or switches.

Hall of Fame Exotics is very popular for their Monday to Friday 25% off discounts on their products. They are primarily available between 12 pm and 5 pm on the stated business days. Thus, it would be best to take advantage of them while stocks last.

Additionally, you can be assured of regular discounted deals and offers on their products. For instance, if you buy three edibles, three pre-rolls, or three concentrates, you can get an extra product on each purchase.

On top of that, you will be given a gift for every order or purchase. Perhaps a t-shirt or cap will put a smile on your face. Consider mentioning the 420DC to get the free gifts and special discount on selected products.

Thus, for persons interested in experimenting, make an order by texting them at 202-876-6284 or browse their Hall of Fame Exotics website to assess their menu and chat with their agents. Never worry- Hall of Fame Exotics will always cover your cannabis needs.

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