gifted curators

Your search may be over if you have been looking for a good cannabis shop. Gifted Curators has a wide selection of cannabis products for everyone. Furthermore, their friendly customer service will welcome you with a smile.

Gifted Curators is located in the NW Adams Morgan neighborhood in DC. Additionally, you can catch them any day of the week, and they are open from 10 am to 8 pm. However, they usually extend their working hours to 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Their flower menu is expansive since it contains many products, such as Sweet Lullaby, Bubblegum Indica, Runtz Cake, and Mendo Crumble. You can get pre-rolls, such as the house blend pre-rolls and the moonstick.

Additionally, for edible lovers, Gifted Curators got you covered. You can try either their baghead boys or their THC Chill Pills.

Those who want to make their orders can contact Gift Curators at (202) 230-8516. However, you should also check out their website here to get more details about this online shop.

One thing that sets Gifted Curators apart is their many promotions. If you leave a review, you will get a free pre-roll, equivalent to the number of reviews you leave. It only gets better because they have a loyalty card reward program. You only have to subscribe to their email to become eligible and start earning rewards, such as one free edible for 3 stamps.

You can also buy gifted merchandise, such as a bucket hat, logo t-shirts, and a rolling tray. You may be missing a lot if you have not tried Gifted Curators.

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