Gifted Curators is one of DC’s premier cannabis delivery services operating in DC. You’ve probably seen them in or around town as they’re one of the best options available for private meetups and events. However, if you’re simply looking for speedy delivery and a plethora of excellent cannabis products at reasonable prices, look no further. Gifted offers everything you need from flower and edibles to pre-rolls and concentrates at exceptionally affordable prices. They’ve even opened a new location and have begun offering a ton of new in-store promos alongside their famous 420DC deals in the Adams Morgan borough.

Gifted is available for delivery or in-store visits at their brand new Adams Morgan location 7 days a week. Right now, you can get a free pre-roll with any order and they’re offering a ton of new specials. They’re even giving away a FREE PS5 when you spend $250 or more. You can check out their full menu at To get started with your order, simply call or text (202) 684-9915 with your order and a copy of your ID. You can even get a free pre-roll for leaving them a review, good or bad, at the end of your visit or after delivery, so if you were looking for more reasons to try them, there you have it!

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