Budtenders of DC is an excellent storefront and delivery service to check out if you’re pursuing cannabis for medicinal reasons. The company is founded on the “cannabis is medicine” mantra and goes above and beyond to cater to those who prefer discreet, private service when donating for cannabis. They also make a point to cater to veterans and cancer patients with discounted products, and they also make it easier for people with mobility issues to get their hands on safe, effective cannabis products in a similar way. Their delivery service is exceptionally fast, but their customer service exceeds expectations. On their menu, you can find detailed information on all of the strains and products (including flower strains and vape carts) they carry including how they might affect you and what their potency levels look like, giving you more control over your medicine and overall experience. 

Budtenders of DC is available for delivery every day of the week. To place an order, simply call or text your details to (202) 455-6402 Or go to budtendersofdc.com to see their full menu and reviews. You will need to include a selfie and a copy of your photo ID to place your order. There is a $10 delivery fee on all orders, but that fee is waived if they’re ever more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled delivery window. Just keep in mind that Budtenders of DC is a cash-only business, so you will need to either take cash from their ATM or have cash on hand to receive your delivery order. 

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budtenders of dc

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