best of dc december 2022 sincity gardens

SinCity Gardens is one of the most secretive weed delivery services in DC. But that doesn’t mean you should skip them –- their secretive nature gives them an edge over their competitors. Just like in the old days, you can only contact SinyCity by phone.

They don’t operate a website, but SinCity keeps their customers updated by sending out intermittent texts when a new product arrives. They constantly rotate stock, so you’ll always have a new strain to enjoy.

SinCity also has some of the best deals on ounces in DC. For only $120, you can get an ounce of top-shelf weed. Not only that, but they’ll throw in a free eighth of designer-quality weed with every purchase of more than an ounce.

If you’re a heavy smoker and like to buy in bulk, SinCity has options for you! You can mix and match four ounces of top-shelf stuff for only $350. That averages to less than $88 per ounce. You can’t ask for a better deal when you can get strains like Limoncello, Sweet Tooth, and Ice Cream Cake.

And if you’re looking for even more deals, make sure you ask for an ounce of exotic shake. They sell for only $70, but you can take advantage of an even better deal. If you buy an ounce of top-shelf marijuana, you can add an ounce of exotic shake for only $30!

Since there’s no physical storefront, you must call or text SinCity Gardens at (771)-201-4930. You can text them anytime, and their courteous staff will send you their menu as soon as possible.

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