best of dc december 2022 dc lab direct

DC Lab Direct is the king of great deals. This month, they’re selling ounces of strains like Blue Dream and Bubble Kush for less than $100. DC Lab Direct prides itself on selling the cheapest ounces in DC. And they hit that mark with their $70 and $80 ounces!

They also have designer and exotic strains, which are more expensive. Exotic strains like Mint Lemonade and Purple Punch sell for $140 an ounce, but they’re well worth the price. And if you want to impress all your friends, try their designer Lemon Cherry Gelato. Currently, it’s the most potent strain they sell, and it’s sure to knock your socks off!

But if the flower form isn’t for you, DC Lab Direct also sells a rotating stock of edibles. Whether you like baked goods like cookies or sugary treats like gummy bears, DC Lab Direct has the perfect snack for any occasion.

DC Lab Direct also has sick deals on shake. You can get two ounces of premium shake for $100! That’s an awesome deal, especially if you like making edibles at home. With a premium shake, you can make potent edibles or simply smoke the shake. Unlike other types of shakes that are sometimes all stems and leaves, DC Lab Direct’s shake is predominantly bud.

Contact DC Lab Direct by phone at (929)-488-7007 or by email at [email protected] Their ultra-knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect strain for any occasion!

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