Making a comeback for another month in a row for the Best of DC is District Connect, a top-notch cannabis delivery service and smoke shop that has proudly served DC since 2018. With a wide variety of cannabis products to choose from and a diverse array of quality and top-shelf cannabis strains, District Connect’s main goal is to provide DC with the best and highest quality, I-71 compliant cannabis products possible. Known for their fast and organized deliveries, District Connect ensures the best customer service and most efficient delivery process so that all parties involved have a satisfactory experience. To place an order with District Connect, head to their website to view their expansive menu of cannabis products and give them a call to set up an order and verify age (must be at least 21 years old with a valid state ID). Delivery services are available seven days per week, however, it’s requested to allow for at least one hour for deliveries from the time the order is initially confirmed with a $20 minimum on all deliveries. 

For individuals interested in trying out District Connect, make sure to stay in touch by heading to their Instagram or by viewing their listing to gain access to a wide selection of deals offered on a selection of products. Showcasing a quality-tiered cannabis flower system with strains ranked from designer, top-shelf, and premium strains including popular strains like Mendo Kush, Grease Monkey, and OG Kush. For those who prefer concentrates or cartridges, District Connect delivers a broad selection of various concentrates including shatter, wax, resin, and moonrock as well as multiple flavors and strains of cartridges available. Not to mention, District Connect provides a generous selection of edibles and magic mushrooms available for cannabis lovers and psychonauts alike. Don’t forget to mention 420DC to receive a special discount on your next order. 

district connect

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