best of dc august 2022 top 10 businesses

There are many reasons to take marijuana, whether it’s recreational or medicinal, and there is no right way to consume it. A general belief in most circles is whatever works best for you is best, be it edibles, smoking, or vaping.

Plus, everyone has their own unique needs. Some like the relaxing qualities of Indica dominant hybrids, while others want to get the creativity pumping with Sativa strains.

But it can be a time-consuming process with so many options and so many strains to find the right dispensary for you. You need a safe and convenient place with knowledgeable and friendly budtenders. You need fellow cannabis enjoyers who might have more experience than you and can help you find the right strain when the last one didn’t hit just right.

Let us help you by pointing you in the direction of the best DC has to offer in the way of cannabis shops and delivery services. Here are August’s Top 10 marijuana dispensaries:

  1. All The Buzz
  2. Legacy DC
  3. Purple Penthouse
  4. Exotic Blooms
  5. Gifted Curators
  6. GHouse DC
  7. High5DMV
  8. District Connect
  9. High Speed
  10. Deja Vu

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