best of dc august 2022 high5dmv

There’s nothing better than knowing you’re getting the best flowers for the best price. High5DMV delivers just that, literally, with their one-to-one meet-up delivery service. They’re I-71 compliant, and their budtenders and drivers are friendly and knowledgeable should you need the help. They also advocate and want to help spread education for the legalization of marijuana.

One thing that sets High5DMV apart from the rest is its flexible pricing. Their menu has exotic, premium, and top-shelf products for both Indica and Sativa hybrid strains. You can adjust how much you want to buy to fit your budget.

Choose from popular strains such as Pineapple Express, Orange Crush, or Pink Starburst, or reload your favorite vape cartridge from their wide selection. You can check out even more on their menu over at to peruse their edible candies, concentrates, and vape pens.

You can send in your pre-orders online or by calling (202) 977-0409 with verification of a valid ID. No medical card is needed, and you don’t need to be a DC resident so long as you can meet up at a delivery spot anywhere in their area. People love the flexibility of this service, the friendly customer service, and the economical prices.

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