best of dc august 2022 all the buzz

Smoker-favorite All The Buzz maintains its high-quality style in both products and customer service. With their variety of merchandise in apparel and edibles, they are equipped to assist and satisfy all kinds of smokers from the experienced to the newbies checking out the scene.

Located at 3232 Georgia Ave NW, this store is open every day between 10 am to 9 pm. No need for an appointment or medical card, walk-ins are welcome and all you need is a valid ID. Accessible, neat, and clean, this shop keeps safety high on its priority by following DC’s mask ordinance and offering curbside pickup service on request.

With merchandise ranging from delightful edibles to comfy shirts and masks, All The Buzz has a little something in store for you to choose from. They also carry vape pens, cartridges, and pre-rolls if you’re looking for some variety. And you can choose the flower strain of your gift with your purchase.

Their selection includes popular Blue Dream, Modified Grape, Dolato, and many more with the assurance that all cannabis gifts are DC I-71 compliant with appropriate purchases.

And if you’re new or looking to find a little something for friends or family, the team at All The Buzz is more than happy to share their knowledge to help you out. Their long-standing track record of excellent customer service is well deserved with kind and insightful folks there to treat you like a VIP on their red carpet.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to give them a call at (202)803-2263 or check out their website at to find out deals or any specifics you might need.

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