Every product offered by Weedology is hand-selected and lab tested. The business started one year ago, and they claim to provide the best selection of products at the most competitive prices. Weedology offers several types of deals that cover all their products, including deals on flower, vapes, edibles, and concentrate.

Weedology delivers, and you can pick your product up. The business does charge $15 for pickup and $20 for delivery, excepting orders over $500. They can have an order ready in as little as 20 minutes for pickup. They do not cross over the river when delivering products to customers.

Regarding deals, Weedology has several bulk deals, including $60 an ounce for premium strains and $220 for four ounces of any strain. They also run mix-and-match deals, including mixing flower with edibles and other products. The business also sells premium and top-shelf strains by the pound and runs promotional deals on those.

These deals frequently change, so it is advisable to call or text them to see what is running. As a neighborhood business, all involved place a premium on communications with their customers. So, if you experience a problem or have questions, you should feel free to contact them.

To contact Weedology, there is a portal you can leave a message on their Home website at the bottom. You can also call them at 202-539-9985. Additionally, you can email them at [email protected]. Weedology does not list its hours on its website, so your best bet is to go through the website contact portal or try the email.

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