march 2023 top 10 listings

In the world of legal cannabis, the Washington, DC area is unique. Not only does the area enjoy a wealth of dispensaries and delivery services, but it also benefits from knowledgeable budtenders located throughout the City.

In addition, pricing in the nation’s capital remains competitive with other regions, and the customers remain some of the most knowledgeable and sophisticated in the country.

As a user of cannabis, DC patrons have the best of all worlds, including places like All The Buzz, Purple Penthouse, and Legacy DC, each of which offers competitive pricing, high-quality products, and superlative customer service.

Other places that must be on your list to check out include Gifted Curators, High5DMV, and SinCity Gardens. Each of those places runs specials on products and is known for helping out newbies and “pro” cannabis users alike. Many also run “bulk” purchase specials, which, if you use cannabis often, might be worth the investment.

The following is a rundown of the ten best cannabis stores and delivery services. Each has built a reputation for excellence in the quality of its products and customer service. Where possible, current deals have been listed. Every business listed on this site, including those that only deliver, is I-71 compliant.

I-71 compliant for those making their first DC purchases means that you must buy a premium product, and then you are “gifted” your cannabis product. DC law specifically prohibits the sale of cannabis products but does not prohibit gifting amounts of cannabis in various forms.

Premium products range from artwork to clothing and apparel to cannabis-related products.

Each of the dispensaries on this list has earned a place because of the positive reviews from satisfied customers. The reviews were gathered from their websites or In every case, these pertained to the specific products or services any particular dispensary sells.

420DC’s Top 10 Listings for April 2023

  1. All The Buzz
  2. Purple Penthouse
  3. Legacy DC
  4. Gifted Curators
  5. High5DMV
  6. SinCity Gardens
  7. GHouse DC
  8. Weedology
  9. District Chiefer
  10. DC Lab Direct

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