sincity gardens

SinCity specializes in shroom chocolate bars that promise to enhance moods, other edibles, and flowers that merge potency with the bliss of a steady high. Offering multiple deals on flower, edibles, and more, SinCity promises fair prices, prompt delivery, and an incredible product.

As a dispensary, SinCity Gardens is one of the elites in the Washington, DC, area and also one of the most secretive. They do not run a website. Additionally, while they consistently have some of the best prices in the DC area, they rotate stock constantly. Constant rotation ensures customers always have a new type of strain to try out in addition to the old favorites.

Another benefit is that SinCity Gardens has a “buy in bulk” option that allows customers to mix and match four ounces of premium cannabis for under $400. Some of the premium strains the organization features include Limoncello, Sweet Tooth, and Ice Cream Cake.

Finally, if you need more incentive to check out SinCity, every purchase of an ounce or more receives an eighth of designer-level weed for free. A deal like that makes visiting this business more than worth the effort. Try them out today.

Call or text 771-201-4930 to place an order. SinCity does not list hours or have a website.

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