purple penthouse

The Purple Penthouse is an I-71-compliant delivery service specializing in high-end products and providing elite service to its customers. As part of its regular slate of products, the organization offers:

  • Carts
  • Concentrates
  • Disposable Vapes
  • Edibles
  • Flower
  • Mushrooms

In addition, Purple Penthouse also has merchandise, pre-roll products, and gummies.

As a top cannabis service in DC, the Purple Penthouse dispensary runs a VIP program with special offers and discounts. You also receive $10 off your first order and a free birthday gift. Another nice aspect of the program is that you can select what specials and products you want to receive notices about when the service runs specials on them.

Purple Penthouse also prides itself on the knowledge of its staff. Because of their experience, every staff member can work with novices and experts alike. They also have tested most, if not all, of the products and have an in-depth knowledge of what each one does. If you are new to cannabis or a specific product, they can educate you on aroma, taste, effects, etc.

Another interesting service Purple Penthouse offers is a catering option, where you can order premade bakery goods infused with cannabis.

Call Purple Penthouse at 202-923-5766. Place orders daily between 10 am and 9:30 pm.

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