legacy dc

Legacy DC strives to create an “immersive atmosphere” that lets you enjoy the entire gifting experience in an art gallery environment. Legacy is also I-71 compliant, so you must make a purchase to receive a gift of your choice of flower, edible, pre-rolls, and concentrates. Given their immense selection, it’s almost certain that you will find something you like.

White Flower is always the star of the show, Legacy DC goes out of its way to feature edibles.

Whether your taste is sweet or sour, candy, baked goods, or drinks, chances are Legacy DC has something for you. The organization also actively rotates stock to ensure customers have variety in their product selection options.

The professional staff at the gallery will help you pick out your artwork, which is especially helpful if you are ordering online. They will also walk you through the redemption process to get your gift. Given the unique nature of the product they offer, having someone help select an appropriate piece and then redeem a coupon for the cannabis gift is immensely helpful.

The staff is also incredibly knowledgeable about their cannabis products. Tell them what you want to experience, and they can match you with a product.

Legacy DC is open Sunday through Thursday from 10 am through 8 pm. Fridays and Saturdays, the store stays open until 10 pm. Place your orders in advance at 202-684-9918.

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