ghouse dc

GHouse DC provides top-of-the-line delivery services in the area. Almost all their customers rave about the promptness of their deliveries and accuracy. You can also pick up your order if delivery is not a service you want to use. Having been in the area for years, GHouse DC knows the area like the back of its hand and knows how to deal with traffic to make sure you get your order promptly.

The dispensary carries edibles, flower, and cartridges. They are ongoing promos, including flower and merchandise bundles. Their premium apparel is hats, a branded bag, a sweatshirt, and a t-shirt. The t-shirts feature custom logos, including for GHouse DC as well as logos for various strains they sell.

While the delivery dependability sets GHouse DC out as unique, the merchandise would stand on its own. Every item is quality made and speaks well of the dispensary. Cheap ounces, discounts, and free products might be nice, but the merchandise GHouseDC gives away stands out for its quality and the way its delivery service and its cannabis product do.

You should always get a new list of the strains they are offering as they frequently change. While they will always have the old standbys, many of the more exotic strains get recycled and rotated regularly.

You can leave a message or call GHouse at 202-602-7092. The organization schedules meet up or deliveries between noon and 8 pm all week. GHouse does not have a physical location.

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