all the buzz

As one of the premier cannabis vendors in the City, All The Buzz dispensary is truly a one-stop-shop. With a wide range of flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, carts and vapes, pre-rolls, and other associated products, All The Buzz ensures that every customer’s cannabis needs are more than met.

While the quality of the product is excellent, one main reason folks keep going back to All The Buzz is its friendly, professional, and knowledgeable employees. Each employee is not only trained in the products they offer, but they can also match up the perfect level product with your cannabis experience. Matching your need to their experience is especially helpful if you are a newbie to the cannabis world.

If you have questions about strains, products, effects, or even the lineage of a brand of weed, All The Buzz staff can provide you with the information you seek. That degree of know-how makes choosing the right product easy and reduces the chances of people choosing more than they can handle or opting for a product that does not meet their expectations.

All the Buss is technically an apparel store that is I-71 compliant. What that means is that the organization will sell you a product and give you a gift of the type of cannabis of your choice.

All The Buzz can be reached at 202-803-2263. The shop is open seven days a week, 10 am through 9 pm.

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