If you’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing a migraine, you will likely try anything to make the pain go away so you can go back to living.

Migraines are incredibly debilitating, preventing you from working, socializing, or even getting out of bed. When the cold compresses, migraine meds, and heating pads don’t do the trick anymore, cannabis may be the answer.


What are the best marijuanas for migraines?

So, what are the best marijuana strains for migraines? Whether you’re a stoner or a weed virgin looking for weed in the DC area, consider trying one of the strains below, as they’re the best marijuanas for migraines.

  1. OG Kush
  2. ACDC
  3. White Widow
  4. Blue Dream
  5. AK-47
  6. Canna-Tsu
  7. Rainbow Sherbet
  8. Northern Lights
  9. Orange Crush
  10. Pineapple Kush
  11. Remedy
og kush
OG Kush Strain

1. OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the best strains, period. But if you are fighting migraines, OG Kush can be a wonderful solution. It’s super high in THC, averaging about 25% THC, but it can be as high as 32%! The strain delivers a calming, euphoric feeling that can help lull you to sleep if you have a migraine.

Despite its low CBD content, it can give you a relaxing head high that won’t make you dizzy or drowsy. Stress is a common cause of migraines, and OG Kush is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Using OG Kush regularly can not only solve migraines but possibly prevent them.

OG Kush is one of the most popular strains, so you can find it just about anywhere! The prices range from $20 to $50 for an eighth, as some locations are more expensive. If you shop for weed in NYC or LA, you’ll likely pay more than if you shop in Boston, Colorado, or DC.

ACDC Strain


While typical stoners have no interest in the ACDC strain, it’s one of the best marijuanas for migraines. It has 20 times the amount of CBD as THC, so you won’t get high off this strain, but it can relax you and help ease migraine pain.

Typically,l ACDC has about 20% CBD and 1% THC. A ratio like this will deter stoners but can be perfect for folks looking to remedy some discomfort. This strain is ideal for migraine sufferers who don’t enjoy the psychoactive effects of marijuana. You won’t feel a head high or any high at all.

But CBD can help soothe head pain and help you get to sleep if your migraines cause insomnia. Along with helping reduce migraine pain, ACDC can relieve anxiety and depression. Since this strain is super low on THC, it isn’t expensive. You can likely find an eighth for between $15 and $25!

white widow
White Widow Strain

3. White Widow

White Widow is one of the top strains for elevating your mood and giving you a euphoric feeling. This strain is a well-balanced hybrid that won’t make you too sleepy, so it helps relieve migraines on days when you still have to be productive.

White Widow can relieve anxiety, making you happy and calm during times of stress. It has relatively low THC, usually falling below 20%. It won’t make consistent smokers super high, so they can still function and focus if necessary.

The euphoric high can squash your migraine, helping you feel comfortable and happy. But this isn’t the most affordable strain, as it usually costs a minimum of $50 for an eighth.

blue dream
Blue Dream Strain

4. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is similar to White Widow with a THC content below 20% and low CBD. But it can help the user be creative and social, making it a decent daytime remedy for migraines. It’s also super affordable! In most places, you can buy an eighth of Blue Dream for under $30.

It can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, without making you feel tired, dizzy, or groggy. Like White Widow, you can still be functional with this strain while relieving your painful migraine.

The best part of Blue Dream, aside from killing your migraine, is the flavor and smell! It has strong fruity smells, like blueberry, cranberry, and strawberry. The aftertaste is sweet and mild, so this strain is easy to smoke, even if you aren’t a consistent cannabis user.

AK-47 Strain

5. AK-47

AK-47 is a beloved strain among smokers, offering energetic and uplifting effects. This strain is ideal for people who hate being couch-locked or napping in the middle of the day. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that allows you to be social and mellow simultaneously.

Despite the intensity of the name, AK-47 is a chill strain that gives you a mild high and relieves your migraine. It’s also pretty cheap, as it’s incredibly common. At this point, practically every cultivator grows it, and every dispensary sells it. An eighth of AK-47 averages about $30, but can be even cheaper if you find a good deal!

According to many cannabis users, AK-47 is one of the most balanced strains, giving you a delightful high without making you uncomfortable and tired. Another pro of this strain is the duration of the high. While some strains wear off in less than an hour, you should experience AK-47’s cerebral buzz for hours after using it, keeping your migraine at bay for longer.

Canna-Tsu Strain

6. Canna-Tsu

Canna-Tsu is similar to ACDC, but with a little more oomph. It averages 5% THC and 10% CBD, so you can experience a very subtle high while muting your migraine. Canna-Tsu isn’t the strongest strain, so the worst migraine sufferers should consider one of the more potent strains on this list.

For the migraine sufferer, Canna-Tsu offers fast and effective relief. It’s also an excellent daytime strain, as it can help you socialize while keeping you calm.

The strain can relieve stress and anxiety, but it may make you a tiny bit tired if you smoke a significant amount. But for pain, it’s one of the best strains. It helps with migraines, but many people use it to alleviate bodily pain. Expect to pay between $15 and $25 for an eighth. Unfortunately, Canna-Tsu is not a super popular strain, making it challenging to find.

rainbow sherbet
Rainbow Sherbet Strain

7. Rainbow Sherbet

Rainbow Sherbert is another hybrid blend of marijuana strain. It typically is composed of half indica and half sativa. It’s a popular strain that both helps mood and migraine symptoms, but it also boosts your creativity.

This strain is also quite potent. If you’re new to marijuana, it might be quite strong. But for people who have smoked plenty of different strains, Rainbow Sherbert is both powerful and enlightening. It can clear up your migraine symptoms in no time.

northern lights
Northern Lights Strain

8. Northern Lights

If you want a prominent Indica to soothe your late-night migraines, Northern Lights is a perfect strain. The strain is popular among smokers because it offers a cozy high that is relaxing and happy.

It will lift your mood while relieving pain, such as a migraine. Smoking too much can make you dizzy, so be careful not to overdo it if you want to tame your migraine and be as comfortable as possible. And be warned, this strain almost always leads to a case of the munchies. It has a moderate THC content, ranging from 15% to 22%.

What makes this strain one of the best marijuanas for migraines is the presence of CBG (cannabigerol). Northern Lights sells for about $28 per eighth, but it’s commonly sold in different forms. You can find Northern Lights cartridges, wax, shatter, and even edibles.

orange crush
Orange Crush Strain

9. Orange Crush

Orange Crush is a perfect hybrid strain for migraine sufferers. It provides euphoria and a relaxation feeling which spreads throughout the body. Orange Crush typically consists of 20% indica and 80% sativa strains. It also provides acute mental focus that lasts for several hours, to help get you over the most debilitating parts of a migraine.

pineapple kush
Pineapple Kush Strain

10. Pineapple Kush

A tasty strain that can relieve migraine headaches is Pineapple Kush, aptly named for its tropical, fruity smell and taste. This hybrid strain is known to help with headaches, muscle spasms, PTSD, anxiety, and stress.

It’s a recreational strain, but many cannabis users know how effective it can be for medicinal purposes. The strain offers a light body sensation that can make you feel light and tingly. If your migraines tend to feel tight and full of pressure, this strain is highly effective, as it relaxes all your muscles and gives you a cerebral high.

It costs about $25 per eighth and is an easy strain to find no matter where you live. The THC content hovers around 20% and has 1% CBG. Like Northern Lights, the higher CBG content makes it ideal for relieving pain and discomfort. The strain will likely make you giggly, talkative, and a little hungry!

Remedy Strain

11. Remedy

Remedy is another strain that contains more CBD than THC, so you won’t feel strong psychoactive effects. It has about 15% CBD and 1% THC. This strain is ideal for someone who wants to avoid any feelings of paranoia or dizziness.

However, it’s likely to make you sleepy, so it isn’t the best strain to smoke if you have a busy day ahead of you. It has a soothing taste that people compare to herbal tea, and the woody scent is calming and familiar.

If you’re a consistent smoker who loves a good head high, don’t waste your money on this. But if you’re dipping your toe into the world of cannabis to manage your migraines, Remedy is a fantastic strain to start with.

Wrap Up

Many migraine sufferers are willing to try anything to stop the pain so they can feel normal again. But some potent medications can lead to other side effects, like nausea or insomnia. If you’re ready to try a more organic solution, give these marijuana strains a try!

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Related Questions

Below are related questions concerning the use of marijuana for migraines.

Does CBD help migraines?

Yes, according to studies, CBD is effective in reducing migraine pain in the majority of migraine sufferers.

What is the best form of cannabis for reducing migraines?

All forms of cannabis can relieve migraine pain. But the best options are edibles or flower, as they will deliver the highest levels of CBG and CBG.


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