Cannabis edibles are getting more and more popular, as they provide an enjoyable experience and are appreciated by people who like to be a little more private about their cannabis use. Edibles take some time to digest, and the effects of cannabinoids like THC or CBD are delayed, so their overall intensity can surprise you. Cookies are the combination of marijuana benefits, and people’s favorite comfort food. Over time edibles have become a sophisticated mean of dosing and cookies are on the front line when you want to be in control of your daily intake. The key factor when it comes to the perfect cannabis cookie is using a quality strain. Without further ado, let’s dive into the topic of indica and sativa strains that are suitable for making the most popular edibles out there, cookies.

Sativa vs. Indica Cookies


It is crucial to know the difference between sativa and indica strains that can be used for cookies before you start your baking process. 

Typically, sativa-dominant strains create an uplifting and energetic mood. Indicas, on the other hand, loosen up muscles, help sedate the body, and are recommended for people that want to enter a state of relaxation. Excluding crossbreeding and the evolution of modern cannabis genetics, producers and users still recognize both subspecies of cannabis by the attributes mentioned. The question is, what does it mean when you add either a sativa or indica strain to your cookies? Will they work the same once processed? 

The answer to that question is both yes and no.

Cannabis is more than just CBD and THC, and it also includes terpenes, flavonoids, as well as other cannabinoids. All of the components contribute to the final effect a certain strain has on you. When you add to that the genetic differences between cannabis users, the characteristics of indica and sativa become challenging to quantify. Most commonly, the decarboxylation process should remove many of the compounds found in marijuana, except the stronger and more resilient cannabinoids. From the scientific perspective, the edibles are less likely to be linked with the stereotypical characteristics. The best attitude here is to choose the strain that possesses the traits you desire. It doesn’t matter whether it is euphoria or calmness of mind. 

Make sure to make the decision whether you want the impact of an uplifting sativa or the sedative effect of a potent indica before you start looking for certain strains, as this decision will speed up the process of making cookies. Let’s move on to the reviews of indica and sativa strains that are perfect for baking.

Purple Punch

First on the list is Purple Punch, a strain that by many is considered the best cannabis strain of 2020. It is an indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG. This particular strain is popular in the dispensaries around the US at the moment, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with finding it. The flavor of Purple Punch resembles grape candies, which makes it a fantastic candidate to be inserted in a cookie. The strain has calming properties and a strength of 19% of THC. It’s a fantastic choice for people that are part of the creative field, because of the ability of the strain to melt away stress and promote focus and relaxation. It can be used on a daily basis.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

Girls Scout Cookies is a popular strain that is a 60% indica. This type of cannabis is commonly used by people who have appetite or insomnia problems or are looking for a mood booster. Over time it became a staple strain in the US. By crossing two famous strains, the breeding collective Cookie Family has been able to increase its THC levels to an average ranging from 25% to 28% and boost CBD and CBN contents to 1% as well. At the first opening of the bag, you can expect sweet and earthy aromas to hit your nose and only grow sweeter as you break apart the buds. Sweetness of the strain makes GSC a great choice for a cookie. Using it for baking is an excellent way to aid your appetite.

Royal Cookies

When you plan a fresh batch of cannabis edibles, you might want to pick up Royal Cookies strain to go with your chocolate chip cookie. This strain is an 80% indica and a 20% sativa, as well as a low level of CBD and 23% of THC. After eating this strain, you should feel relaxed and euphoric, as it delivers an equilibrium between mind and body. Because of the high THC percentage, it is recommended for the users to be careful about the dosing.

Animal Cookies

Animal Cookie is a hybrid strain that is a mix of the classic GSC and Fire OG. It has a sweet aroma with peppery and citrus notes, which makes it perfect for the baking process. Its level of THC is usually at 18.5%, so relatively high. It has some calming benefits and is used by people who want to get rid of insomnia and are stress-derived. 

Orange Cookies

Another great marijuana strain that you can use for baking cookies is Orange Cookies. It has a level of 18.5% when it comes to THC, just as Animal Cookies, but it should give you more energy after use. It is a hybrid of Orange Juice and GSC. This strain is packed with flavor, and you can expect a strong aroma of sweet citrus, which will go well with edibles. After baking, Orange Cookies should resemble a tangerine in taste. It is recommended for people suffering from a high-exposure to stress or depression. 

Blue Durban

Blue Mountain Durban is a sativa dominant hybrid. It has uplifting properties and should help you with focusing and keeping up your energy. This strain is associated with citrus flavor and an earthy aroma. The level of CBD here is at around 5%, and when it comes to THC, it’s usually between 19% to 20%. Blue Durban is an excellent choice for a morning cookie to provide you with the energy you need to start your day. The strain is used to treat appetite loss, stress deprivation, and fatigue. 

White Widow

Lastly, let’s talk about one of the most sold strains out there, the White Widow, that has been with the users since the 1990s and to this day has quite a positive reputation. It is a 50% sativa and 50% indica with a medium level of CBD and 19% of THC inside. You can expect to feel extremely stoned after eating a cookie made with White Widow, so make sure you are careful about how much you take in. This strain is considered a treat, and daily use is not recommended, but from time to time, you can, for sure, enjoy an edible made with this classic strain. 

That concludes our list of best indica and sativa strains for making cannabis cookies. Any of the seven strains mentioned above should be more than suitable for baking. Remember that the best cookies are made from the highest quality weed, so make sure to buy your favorite marijuana strains from a trusted dispensary. Baking is a fun activity overall, and baking cannabis cookies is another level of sophistication! Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Best Indica and Sativa Strains seeds here is a great place to try.

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