1.) Pots and Pans DC

Pots and Pans DC is known primarily for their infused soul food, however, they also specalize in high quality baked goods (all infused of course) and THC tincture.

2.) Treats by Tre

Treats by Tre makes infused baked goods, infused chocolate, and even infused ice cream all from scratch! They pride themselves on having dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan options available.


Gourmet edibles – does it get any cooler than this? KZTDC specializes in infused truffles, all made with gourmet ingredients. Don’t let their size fool you, these truffles pack a punch!

4.) Dabsylvania

Dabsylvania carries a wide array of edibles, ranging from infused cookies to infused hard candies. However, their real crowd favorite is their infused honey, which allows individuals to make their own edibles and infuse hot beverages (such as tea or coffee).

5.) Five Star Edibles

Not only does Five Star Edibles make high quality infused baked goods and infused candies, they also make infused drinks! Their infused drinks have gained them a cult following in DC.

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