The best CBD cigarettes have better results than nicotine patches, reduce nicotine cravings and aid smoking cessation at the cellular level. And while no smoking is healthy, CBD cigarettes have beneficial qualities pharmacology does not.

Best of all, with advances in hemp farming and selective cannabis genetic breeding, the best CBD cigarettes bring using tasty strain flavors. Even if you think you smoke too much weed, this Best CBD Cigarettes guide answers common questions.

Best CBD Cigarettes Guide |

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CBD Cigarette Questions

When you decide to quit smoking (congratulations, that’s really the hardest part!), there are common questions when considering CBD cigarettes.

  • “Can CBD help with nicotine addiction?”
  • “How safe are CBD and tobacco cigarettes?”
  • “What are CBD cigarettes made of?”
  • “Are CBD cigarettes legal?”
  • “Will CBD cigarettes get me high?”

The answers need to first address the long term effects of tobacco and smoking. Addiction is more than just nicotine as it also involves habit-forming behavior.

Can CBD Help With Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine addiction affects 1.3 billion people globally and more than 34 million Americans. Also, the pandemic, which now stretches into its second year ravaging the United States, has increased smoking

While more study is still needed (thank you prohibition), preliminary findings indicate the cannabinoids in hemp reduce nicotine cravings up to 40%.

A cigarette smoker can wean themselves off nicotine using the best CBD cigarettes. So, smokers get the smoke that contributes to that. so they are great replacements if you are looking to quit

Short-term Effects: Nicotine vs. CBD

Cigarette smoke with nicotine does have different effects than those made from CBD. These short-term effects create the negative cravings associated with nicotine and the positive results of CBD.

Short-Term Effects of Cigarettes
Nicotine vs. CBD

Nicotine CBD
Creates Imbalances Resolves Imbalances
Causes Adrenaline Rush Reduces Adrenaline
Releases Endorphins Creates Ideal Serotonin Levels
Causes Rush or Buzz Causes Calm or Sense of Relief
Addictive Not Addictive

Long Term Effects: Nicotine vs. CBD

The long-term effects of nicotine include far greater problems than those of CBD. It should also be denoted that the negative effects of CBD reduce or disappear altogether when use is stopped. The same is not true of nicotine.

Nicotine CBD
Increased Cancer Risk Increased Irritable Bowel Disease Risk
Increased Heart Attack or Stroke Risk Risk for Bouts of Nausea
Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Increased Risk for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Risk of Reduced Weight / Compromised Immune System Increased Risk for Medication Interactions (CBD is a Supplement)
Addiction Not Addictive

Is it Safe to Mix CBD and Nicotine?

So, it’s true that CBD interferes with the negative effects of nicotine in a positive way. Considering the serious long-term effects of nicotine, any reduction is a good thing. So the real question about safety becomes does nicotine interfere with the effects of CBD?

In short, the answer is no, nicotine won’t interfere with the positive effects of CBD. Augmenting smoking regular cigarettes with those made from CBD creates no harmful effects. If anything, tobacco cessation is strengthened by this wonderful cannabinoid.

The best CBD cigarettes deliver the chemical benefits of the cannabis plant to counter nicotine addiction, but they also satiate other aspects of smoking that keep people hooked too.

How CBD Cigarettes Help Nicotine Addiction

The act of lighting, inhaling smoke, holding the cigarette and the oral satisfaction are all factors in tobacco cigarette addiction. CBD cigarettes can satisfy all of these cravings. But what about the physical addiction to nicotine?

It’s true that nicotine can be as addictive as heroin and cocaine, so to stop smoking, it takes strong will power and, for some, help. The short term effects of tobacco cigarettes also contribute to the hold they can have over smokers.

The best CBD cigarettes can be very effective curbing tobacco smoking. It helps not only for the physical, habitual reasons that keeps smoker’s addicted, but also at the core of addiction itself; the mind.

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Why Does CBD Work?

The cannabis plant produces more than a hundred known cannabinoids like CBD. They all react with one of two types of cells in the body, then those cells affect every major body system. This happens through the endocannabinoid system, or ECS.

The ECS, which was only discovered in the early 1990s (thanks prohibition), is now known to balance body systems. Homeostasis, the name for this type of equilibrium within the body, benefits from cannabinoids like CBD.

CBD interacts with cells found primarily in the human body’s immune system. So it’s therapeutic by where it’s physically found. But its chemical makeup also has no psychoactive properties, so it literally can’t get you high.

The Entourage Effect

Even though there is no euphoria associated with CBD, its therapeutic qualities include relaxation in addition to other benefits. But CBD is just one of more than a hundred cannabinoids which can interact with the body’s ECS.

The miraculous thing about cannabinoids is their ability to work together and enhance one another’s benefits. This collaboration is called the ‘entourage effect’ because they all hang together in the ECS.

Despite only being a single cannabinoid, CBD is still a powerful natural therapeutic effect. It’s because of these benefits that CBD became the catalyst for the medical marijuana movement.

Are CBD Cigarettes Legal?

When the cannabis plant is bred with selective genetics, you can create strains that have only CBD. That means no tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabinoid that gets you ‘high.’ Because of this, industrial hemp was legalized in 2018.

CBD for consumer use is derived from industrial hemp and is therefore legal in all 50 states in America. There are some restrictions, such as military personnel are forbidden from using CBD. If you are unsure, check and find out the rules.

Also, it should be noted that smoking the best CBD cigarettes runs the same risk as using full spectrum CBD in that it may make you fail a drug test.

Best CBD Cigarettes

Rather than ineffective smoking cessation treatments like nicotine patches or gum, CBD cigarettes satisfy many of the cravings smokers have. And since the best CBD cigarettes can deliver therapeutic effects, go for the best.

Many brands of CBD cigarettes use premium flower grown organically. They use premium filters and papers too so substitution of weed for tobacco is easier than ever.

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