Because of its recent decriminalization in many parts of the United States, cannabis has become increasingly popular. There are a wide variety of strains that are popular in different parts of the country. In this article, we’ll go through the best cannabis strains to keep an eye on in 2022. Read on for more details.

Best Cannabis Strains in 2022

1. Apples and Bananas

Cookies company collaborated to create Apples and Bananas, a strain that combines apples and bananas. The breeders experimented with a variety of cannabis strains, crossing them to create a novel hybrid with a unique terpene profile that tastes like a mix between apple and banana. You can expect to see this flavorful weed on the shelves of every dispensary in 2022.

2. Bubblegum

CBX is the only California cannabis brand that comes close to matching its potency. There is a high so strong that an eighth will last you a long time, and the cannabis is lovely, sticky, frosty, and smelly. This is one of Bubblegum’s best new strains, according to the company. It has a lovely aroma and gives you a rush of exhilaration right when you inhale it.

This strain’s indica-dominant properties will rapidly alleviate any tension you may be carrying and make you feel foolish to the point of foolishness. Keep a bowl of this until just before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve this year, and you’ll feel like you’ve entered the new year with a smile on your face. A crisp bud with a characteristic sweet flavor and a robust euphoric high characterize CBX’s newest strain.

3. Girl Scout Cookies

The THC content of Girl Scout Cookies, a hybrid strain, can reach up to 28%. Girl Scout Cookies are the ideal cannabis strain if you want a strong, long-lasting high. Cannabis lovers will get a joyful, euphoric high from this mostly Indica strain, which will leave them couch-locked for hours.

If you’ve had a long day at work and need to unwind, this is the best marijuana strain for you. Girl Scout Cookies may help alleviate stress, anxiety, sadness, and other mental health issues for medical marijuana users.

4. Zkittlez

Grape Ape and Grapefruit were crossed to form Zkittlez, a well-balanced hybrid. Given its pedigree, this is almost surely going to be a top-notch marijuana strain. A high THC/CBD ratio of 15 percent means that your thoughts will likely become more agitated and erratic. It doesn’t take long for feelings of well-being and contentment to take hold after a few puffs of Zkittlez.

Zkittlez has a candy-like flavor that grabs a lot of attention from people. Zkittlez, like the other best cannabis strains on our list, can be used for medical purposes as well as for recreational ones.

5. Bonkers

Next Generation Seed’s Bonkers is a robust type that can be grown both inside and outdoors, and its fast flowering time is an added plus for those looking for a plant that offers a potent body stone in a relatively short period of time. Bonkers is a wonderful choice for novice cannabis producers because of its short blooming time.

Exotic Genetix’s “Bonkers,” a hybrid between Cookies & Cream and Lemon Tree, is also worth mentioning. You should try it out since it’s worth your time.

6. Purple Haze

Haze strains, such as Purple Thai, were combined to create Purple Haze, which is a Sativa-dominated hybrid. This product has a THC content of between 14% and 26%. When Purple Haze is ingested, the effects are immediate and potent.

Because of the strain’s strong level of cerebral stimulation, it’s best suited to experienced users who can handle it. If you’re suffering from depression, chronic pain, or any other medical condition, Purple Haze is the greatest cannabis strain to help you get well.

7. Chemdawg

One of the most popular hybrid cannabis strains is Chemdawg. It’s one of the best high-grade weeds, despite its modest THC content of roughly 19 percent. As a result of its strength and sedative qualities, it has become a favorite choice for medicinal cannabis users worldwide. Chemdawg can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including sleeplessness, a lack of appetite, chronic pain, and depression.

Hybrid Cannabis Strain

8. Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter is the latest in a long line of strains with apple or dessert undertones, and it’s easy to see why. While Cherry Pie is a popular kind, there are some of us who like an Apple Pie flavor.

If you’re looking for something sweet and earthy, with a hint of pastry and sweet and savory cheese, then go no farther than Lumpy Flowers’ Apple Fritter. Apple Fritter is said to provide a calming, energizing influence on the body and mind.

9. Gelato

Gelato is a well-balanced hybrid cannabis strain with a taste profile that includes berry, lemon, lavender, and woody. This one of the greatest pot strains is heavy on the head, so you’ll be joyful and generally couch-locked after you smoke it. Relaxing and soothing properties make it great for treating chronic pain, exhaustion, headaches, and other aches and pains.

10. White Widow

With a THC content of between 18 and 25 percent, White Widow is one of the greatest hybrid cannabis strains. In addition to being a prominent cannabis strain in the state of Colorado, it’s also gaining international acclaim. From its Sativa and Indica ancestry, White Widow is known for its cerebral effects. Couchlock is the outcome of a user losing control of their motor skills due to the effects of a large amount of marijuana.


Cannabis has been at its peak for the last couple of years. It’s no surprise that more businesses are looking forward to creating and experimenting with new cannabis strains to cater to consumers’ demands. This 2022, we are expecting more strains to enter the market.

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