Since there are ethical problems with marijuana, it can be difficult to share knowledge in the drug community. As a result, online forums are a great way to keep informed, get advice from more seasoned farmers, and share your knowledge.


Since the legalization of cannabis, weed social media platforms for marketers and users have exploded. There are hundreds of social networking sites and communities to join if you’re a marijuana fan looking to communicate with other customers, weed enthusiasts, and the cannabis industry in particular. Here are some of the forums that you can join.

 Cannabis Forums That You Might Be Interested In


Grasscity Forums

If you’re interested in a pot or cultivating it, Grasscity Forums has just about all you’ll need. There are several forums from which to select. Furthermore, t There are toking method forums there. There are sites dedicated solely to pot smoking and use in general.


Data, applications, medical news, and industry news are all available in a medical marijuana forum. In addition, there are weed news articles and legalization talks, as well as the Chill Out Zone, which features lifestyle, broader cultural discussions, people’s experiences, entertainment, activities, and other topics.

Roll it up

With over 860,000 members, Roll It Up is among the most popular weed online communities. This forum focused on marijuana cultivation. It has web topics like “The Grow Room,” where you can discuss indoor and outdoor growth, hydroponic system, future plant issues, organic matter, and more. The Grow Room contains potentially millions of communications, making it a fantastic and always-up-to-date source of knowledge.


While the site has a few pages, such as a cafe for general conversation and a medicinal segment for weed research discussions, Roll It Up is the best place to learn how to grow marijuana, share strategies, and interact with Canada’s real craft cultivation community.


420 Magazine

In comparison to other forums, there aren’t as many threads or discussion issues in 420 Magazine. That is, though, why many people choose a platform like this one. Rather than dealing with a large group of people, users on the site will get to know one another. There are already dozens of updates and thousands of forums, but it is far from dead.


Medical marijuana types of prescription and therapy are one of the most common platform topics. It contains data and statistics on medical cannabis in every jurisdiction, making it a valuable resource for details.


IC Mag

International Cannagraphic Magazine, or IC Mag for short, does have its site and is great to visit. There are a hundred users and thousands of visitors to the forum, keeping it a lively and popular group of pot smokers.


Since it’s a publication with its merchants, there’s a web issue named “ICMag Vendor Forums” that lets seed companies and other retailers communicate with their intended audience.

Cannabis Forums That You Might Be Interested In



Cannabis forums and review pages can help users learn more about the product that they are using. It’s also a safe space for canna-users to discuss the plant since other social networking sites have stricter restrictions. These forums are also helpful when you have questions, but you can’t find answers on different web browsers. Here, you’ll learn from the cannabis enthusiasts’ experiences.


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