Sometimes, you’re not looking for an intense rock concert. Sometimes, you want something a little smoother, like a sensual R&B record. That’s just what the Berry White strain delivers. Sweet but complex, smooth and uplifting, Berry White can give anyone a good night in no time if they’re ready to relax and unwind. 

The Berry White strain is an indica strain that’s no joke. From its effects to its appearance, the strain has acquired quite a reputation. If you’re deciding whether the strain should be your next investment, keeping reading to learn about Berry White’s background, flavor, growth habits, and effects. 

Berry White Strain Background

There aren’t many purely-indica hybrids out there, but Berry White is one of them. Also known as Barry White, Blue Widow, or White Berry, the strain is a delicious combination of the legendary Blueberry and White Widow plants. In the cross, the Green Beanz Seedz company has created an entirely-indica plant that’s not prone to couchlock. In fact, many users report that the strain feels more like a hybrid than something purely indica-based.

Berry White weed is generally moderate in intensity, with an average THC level of about 17%. That makes it a great choice for casual use or new users. THC can reach as high as 25% on occasion, though, so the right batch can be just what the doctor ordered for long-time cannabis aficionados. 

How the Berry White Strain Smells and Tastes

This strain’s Blueberry heritage comes out strong when you open the bag, with blueberry, floral scents making themselves known immediately. Undertones of pine and sour lemon follow along after, rounding out the experience. 

Meanwhile, the flavor comes through with a strong impression of sour berries that leans more towards White Widow. There’s a floral, herbal aftertaste that makes Berry White a complex but completely worthwhile taste sensation. 

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What Does Berry White Weed Look Like

Berry White Strain Review

Source: Leafly 

The Berry White strain is a reliable blend of its parents when it comes to appearance. Blueberry gives the plant hints of blues and purples, while White Widow provides it with some impressive, crystalline trichomes. Look for bright orange hairs that contrast nicely against the bright green nugs. 

How to Grow Berry White Marijuana

Berry White Strain Review

As with most indica strains, Berry White weed is a reasonably easy plant to grow. Like most indica plants, the Berry White strain is bushy and relatively compact, so it’s a great choice for indoor or outdoor grows. There’s no risk that you’ll run out of room as long as you train your plants appropriately. Expect multiple colas and plenty of bud sites even without trimming or topping. 

Even better, these plants are quick to harvest. In good conditions, Berry White marijuana is ready in just seven to eight weeks of flowering. This quick harvest time means that there’s no harm in urging your plants along with some high-stress training; the right trims early on can significantly boost your harvest later without sacrificing weeks of growth. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about cuts causing health problems, since the Berry White strain is reportedly highly resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. 

You may want to give you plant a little extra help by giving it a haircut every so often. The lower foliage can harbor moisture and pests even on the hardiest plant. Trimming leaves and bud sites that aren’t exposed to enough light will help keep your plants nice and dry and avoid wasting energy on sites that won’t help your final yield. 

Speaking of your yield, Berry White will deliver. In warm, dry, sunny climates, Berry White can be one of your best producers. Outdoors, you can expect to harvest up to 18 ounces of bud per plant in late September or early October. Indoors, look for 14-16 ounces per square meter as long as your plants got the light they need. One last tip: if you want to encourage the famous blue and purple colors of the blueberry strain, let temperatures drop down into the 60s overnight. 

How Does the Berry White Strain Make You Feel

Just like the singer this strain is named after, Berry White is a smooth, smoldering experience. Despite its fully indica heritage, this strain offers an enviable head-high. Many users notice an almost-immediate buzz that’s accompanied by an excellent feeling of good will and warmth. As the buzz develops, users will experience flowing, free-form thoughts that evolve without much input from anyone else. 

The body buzz not only matches the head high, it exceeds it. The muscle relaxation develops more slowly than the head high, but over the course of an hour, you’ll notice you’re completely melted into the couch without a single ounce of stress in your body. This is where the indica heritage is truly noticeable. However, if you want to get up and about, you’ll be able to muster up the motivation – especially if there’s food involved. 

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The intensity of the relaxation offered by Berry White marijuana makes it a fan-favorite of many people who experience chronic pain. It’s hard for any type of pain to make it through the sensation of goodwill and general lightness that it offers. More importantly, the strain can help relieve the muscle tension and inflammation that causes joint pain, tension headaches, and symptoms of arthritis. 

Similarly, people with anxiety and chronic stress may find some relief when spending time with Berry White. The distraction it offers is perfect for keeping worries away. Meanwhile, even the worst insomniac is likely to drift off to dreamland when Berry White is around, since the relaxing, calming experience creates the ideal conditions for a restful night of sleep. 

Whether you’re just looking for something flavorful or you need a way to relax, Berry White weed is a great choice. This strain can help you unwind after a long day and leaves stress in the dust, all while tasting and smelling delicious. Looking for another, more traditional indica strain instead? Check out our list of the best indica flower strains of 2020 to find the perfect strain for you. Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Berry White Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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