Cannabidiol or CBD, a naturally occurring substance from the marijuana plant, provides a myriad of benefits including wellness. Since its popularity, many people consider CBD as a wonder compound, easing inflammation and enhancing the skin.

Simply put, cannabidiol is evolving in DC and the rest of the world, with more establishments offering not just CBD products but also services like beauty and body treatments. From manicure and pedicure to massages, and facial, the infusion of CBD to these treatments became extremely popular.

Learn about the CBD trend in DC with these establishments offering beauty treatments with a twist. Read on to know where you can get cannabidiol-infused treatments in DC.


Effect of CBD to the Skin

While there is no solid evidence that claims the effectiveness of cannabidiol in making the skin elastic, smooth, and glowing, many people witnessed incredible results for using CBD-infused beauty products.

CBD Treatment, CBD Spa

In the case of acne, several research on cannabidiol suggest that the compound has anti-inflammatory benefits that calms the skin and makes it look better. With an application of oils, CBD can soothe the skin and reduce the visibility of breakouts and acne-related redness.

There is also a research that showed the potential of cannabidiol in decreasing the skin’s sebum production or the oil. Additionally, CBD also contained antioxidant properties, which help counter free-radical damage. Many people claimed that indeed, using cannabidiol oil and creams greatly reduces wrinkle appearance and made their skin elastic.

Despite these things, researchers claimed that further studies and research is needed to verify and challenge initial findings. However, many people are still inclined to using CBD for beauty purposes as the effects are showing.


Significant Effects of Cannabidiol

Aside from the physical appearance, people consume and use CBD for other purposes such as relaxation. The cannabidiol oils sold in the market offer mind-calming benefits that could aid those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Again, the findings of researchers still need to be challenged to ensure the effects of CBD. But as far as health benefits, cannabidiol showed great results for people suffering from mental conditions like anxiety, depression, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Health Europa, CBD products like oils, tinctures, patches, and topicals provide relief to people with anxiety and epilepsy. In the Permanente Journal, about 79% of the participants experienced a reduction in anxiety after using cannabidiol products.

Researchers also achieved healthcare breakthroughs with interesting results showing how effective CBD is in ‘treating’ serious medical conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.


Beauty Trends in DC

There’s a lot going on in DC when it comes to CBD and marijuana. When it comes to beauty, DC offers several services to help people enjoy relaxing retreats like massage, manicure, and facials. Here are the establishments offering CBD beauty treatments in DC.

Massage, CBD Spa in DC

Vida Fitness Aura Spa, CBD Massage

The cannabidiol craze in DC certainly is the same level as in California where people go to a spa for a CBD massage. Right now, there is a place in DC where you can relieve heaache, muscle spasm, and soreness. Vida Fitness Aura Spa is the place to visit for a full-body CBD massage.

The service definitely seems normal, just like any other massage services, however, Vida Fitness uses cannabidiol oil from head to toe. This oil is soothing and relaxing, adding another level of relaxation after the massage.

Few rubs on the skin and the effects will already show, allowing clients to get a good sleep. The soreness on the different parts of the body easily vanish, after CBD was applied. The full-body massage service will cost you $45.


Disclaimer: Due to the pandemic, Vida Fitness is currently closed for business. You can contact their hotline to inquire when the services will be available.


Tysons Corner Ritz-Carlon Spa, CBD Facial

With a place like Tysons Corner Ritz-Carlon Spa, getting a facial is as relaxing as sleeping in between steaming and exfoliating. The place offers an essential facial treatment which include an application of CBD mask, serum, eye cream, and oil.

The procedure is just like any other facial treatment but with better service and products. It begins with steaming, cleaning, exfoliating, and the last part which is the application of CBD with a massage.

The aesthetician examines the skin and provides information on the cannabidiol products to be used and their effects. Two masks will be applied; one moisturizing and the other one for making the skin glowing. Both masks include CBD oil to relieve skin inflammation.

An eye cream with CBD is also applied in a facial massage for a more relaxing feeling. This whole facial treatment will cost you around $205.

Disclaimer: The establishment is temporarily closed because of the ongoing pandemic. Contact Tysons Corner Ritz-Carlon Spa for more information.


CanniSpa, CBD Manicure and Pedicure

Although CannaSpa is not an establishment but a company servicing customers at pop-up events, the brand offers rejuvenating beauty treatments for DC residents. Because of the pandemic, CanniSpa opt to stop all pop-up events but as soon as everything comes back to normal, you can try their most-talked-about services like Rescue massage, facials, and Relief manicure and pedicure.

For the massage, CanniSpa uses CBD oil to hydrate the skin while easing body aches. Problematic areas with chronic pain and tension are targeted to provide a relaxing feeling after the treatment. For facials, the cannabidiol will help calm the skin and clears off skin impurities like blackheads and whiteheads.

The Relief Manicure and Pedicure use Kush Queen’s essential bath bombs. Aestheticians conduct clipping, scrubbing, and applying nail polish but there is a portion when your hands and feet will be soaked in bath containing CBD oil. This procedure will leave your hands and feet totally relaxed and free of soreness.

Beauty Treatments in DC for Total Relief 1 2023

Bottom Line

CBD is definitely a different league when it comes to health and wellness, offering sound results without downtime. With cannabis becoming legal in most states, more and more establishments will offer all sorts of cannabidiol services.

Just like in DC, where you can find spa and salons offering CBD-infused services, you can also find high-quality cannabis products anywhere. Delivery services are offered by some stores, allowing you to buy cannabis products easily and legally.

To enjoy the cannabis delivery services, you must present the necessary marijuana ID to purchase marijuana supplies legally.

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