Indica strain lovers might want to check out this flavorful strain for its mellow sedative effects and calming puffs. The Alien Bubba strain is one for the books by stoners searching for a nighttime ride on a galactic ship, drifting them into a full-on snore-fest. Below is all the info you need about this potent marijuana experience.

Alien Bubba Background 

This cosmic combination of the juggernauts Bubba Kush and Alien Kush comes from the Cali Connection team from Los Angeles. The intention was to cross Pre-98 Bubba Kush with its fame in the tranquilizing department and the group’s very own creation in Alien Kush. As a result, Alien Bubba itself was born to become the award-winning strain its parents were bound to make. With a THC content of around 21% and robust earthy scents and flavors, it’s a potent and delicious indica to boot.

Alien Bubba Strain Profile

Alien Bubba is a journey all on its own from its looks, aroma, and taste. Coupled with its effects it is an experience you’ll want to try yourself. In case you’re still wondering if you should pull the lever yourself, here’s the low-down.

alien kush

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Alien Bubba’s cannabis plant is one with long thin leaves spread out to form that gorgeous weed profile stoners love to see. Its stick flowers will make your mouth water with anticipation with its fuzzy, vivid amber, and bright green tones. Its frostiness comes through its trichomes, white and fluffy. Its nugs come in grape shapes with orange hairs scattered along with the trichomes. These buds are dense like what you expect any indica to be.


The array of smells you might get from this bud will leave you wanting more just for its novelty and the surprise you get from each whiff. You’ll get some of those earthy notes at first for sure but soon you will notice, once you get past the pungency, the swirls of coffee or tea in its spicy flowers. Alien Bubba is all that at once and a forest celebration too: pine, moss, cedar— it will take you to a cabin in the middle of the freshest and densest forests. The damp and musky notes leave you wanting more to explore.


Just like its aroma, you will find that your mouth will long for this marijuana flavor. You might as well be stuffing a potted plant down your throat but it isn’t just any greenery to the taste buds— its flower-like earthy taste comes with understated undertones of fruity pineapple and mango. It’s a sweet toke with some grassiness in between each exhale.

Its bouquet is earthy and floral, and when combusted, Alien Bubba shows off a pungent tea and herbaceous grassiness that is smooth on the exhale.


With its parentage both being Kush strains Alien Bubba is as hard-hitting as you would expect. At first, you will start your engines slowly, working yourself up to that high. The tingly build-up will be so gradual you almost miss the euphoric high but it will hit you. When you finally come down from the peak it will gently cradle you.

It is after all a smooth journey, a preference of a multitude of stoners. While you’re coming down you will probably head into introspection, a mind at peace with your full body experience. You’re then going to end up couch-locked for hours, calm, relaxed, and sedated— ready for a good night’s sleep.

While the beginning is a focused rise, you might prefer Alien Bubba for an evening session to end a long day or calm you to a snooze. On the downside, you might end up with a dry mouth and eyes, and dizziness. You might also want to keep some snacks nearby for those munchies.

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Medicinal Benefits

Alien Bubba’s potency might not be the best for cannabis newbies but is geared towards those who need more of a kick to feel some of its effects. It can relieve chronic pain and inflammation as well as aid those suffering from appetite loss and depression. It is most commonly used for its sedative effects, a gem for insomniacs. Additionally, it can be very uplifting, helping with mood swings and promoting creativity.

How To Grow the Alien Bubba Strain

Alien Bubba makes for short bushes as plants, carrying full branches. Indoor and outdoor growing set-ups work great for this weed, although, it especially thrives in semi-humid climates with access to plenty of light. You can harvest your yield at 9-10weeks expecting indoor yields of 300 grams per square meter and outdoor harvests of 400 grams per square meter.

Where Can You Get Alien Bubba?

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