Calling all cannabis newbies! This is the best strain for you to pop your cannabis cherry. Its exotic origins and sweet flavors will entice you but its smooth and versatile experience make it perfect for beginners. The nugs even have a familiar name just to add that extra comfort, reminding you of Mom’s homemade baking or the diner you used to visit. 

What is the American Pie Strain?

Ironically, American Pie’s origins are not fully from the land of the free. It was developed in Barcelona. Pyramid Seeds cultivated this strain as a hybrid cross of two sweet and woodsy kinds of strains: Power Plant and White Widow. Power Plant itself has roots in an African sativa, bringing in that pine-like smell that American Pie inherits while White Widow is one of the most popular strains in the world. It is not a surprise that American Pie is well known in the country behind its namesake. 

American Pie’s THC levels average around the 20% mark, making it ideal for THC lovers but due to its soft side, it is still very much recommended to cannabis newbies. It’s a sativa-dominant strain, giving off a more energetic vibe contrasting indica plants’ sedative properties. 

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How Does the American Pie Strain Look?

american pie strain

The American Pie strain is a homey-looking pale green cannabis plant fuzzy with light and dark orange hairs, coated with trichomes. Its nugs look a little longer than most circular ones from other strains and are caressed by medium greens all around its body. Let’s break some off to check out how they smell. 

How Does American Pie Smell?

Each whiff of American Pie brings in that spicy and sweet connection to the table with some herbal and grassy smells climbing into your nostrils. Its pie-like aroma comes from its fruity side peeking through, some citrus and berry smell loosening you up with its cozy feels. 

What Does the American Pie Strain Taste Like?

You might be disoriented by the menthol, pine-like flavors of this strain, expecting mostly sweetness from its name. Do not worry too much, its apple, orange, and overall citrusy tastes will kick in, its sweet undertones plowing through and freshening up your throat with every toke. 

How Does American Pie Make You Feel? 

American Pie is known to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience that goes well with casual activities with friends as well as introspective moments by yourself. A mix of mood-lifting, joy, and calming feelings swirl around your head with each exhale. 

The more you smoke the more the happiness builds into a pleasing and satisfying euphoria that does not make you too couch-locked by the end of it. It can also be an addition to a night with your special someone because it can be arousing at times, too. 

All in all, American Pie is an evenly balanced experience, with full-body and cerebral effects. Its appeal comes with the numerous things you can do while using this weed: from work-related tasks to socializing at a small gathering with friends. Still, it is mostly consumed later in the day or at night time.

What are the Medicinal Effects of American Pie?

American Pie is mainly an uplifting and motivating kind of strain, used by those with anxiety, stress, irritability, and depression. On the other hand, some also use it to relieve physical body pain such as migraines and chronic pain. Whatever it is, American Pie is a sweet way to brighten up your day. 

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How Can You Grow the American Pie Strain?

american pie strain

We have been jabbering about how American Pie is great for beginners looking to start using marijuana. It turns out it is one of the go-to’s for new cannabis growers too. Seeds and clones are easily accessible online. This growing experience is in easy mode; there’s not too much to keep track of when it comes to this plant, unlike other strains that can be finicky about temperature and humidity.  

American Pie thrives under Low-Stress Training (LST), manageable through SCRoG systems. It is a medium to tall-sized plant that grows to about 60 to 160 cm which makes it easy to look after, not too much trimming. Later on, it will produce an abundance of yield at 550 grams per square meter within a flowering period of 9-10 weeks. Outdoor harvests usually happen in October, clusters showing their heads and long, thin buds ready for the picking. This one takes more to Mediterranean-type climates though, not too keen on being beginner-friendly in northern European regions. 

Where to Get the American Pie Strain

American Pie has a mix of classic and relaxing flavors combined with a sweet high that’s not too much on newcomers. Interested in getting your hands on a slice? Check out 420DC’s explore page for a wide selection of dispensaries and delivery services. Get a discount when you give us a shoutout upon placing an order. 

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