Acreage Holdings has been recently granted a provisional license to sell recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, said Globe Newswire. The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) granted the company a license for selling adult-use cannabis in Worcester and Shrewsbury through its brand The Botanist.

The Botanist started as a medical marijuana treatment facility in Worcester back in 2018. It is now carrying recreational products in light of this provisional license. The Shrewsbury branch was the second The Botanist Location in the state, with a third site in the Town of Leominster. The new branches are expected to create over 40 jobs in the state, upon completion and after it is fully operational.

With the provisional license, officials at CCC also permitted a stipulation requiring Acreage to pay $250,000 to the CCC Regulation Fund, to which the company agreed. According to Globe Newswire, this payment is connected with Management Services Agreements, which has been terminated.

Aside from The Botanist, Acreage also has other brands such as Live Resin and Tweed. Tweed was introduced to the United States in 2019 in partnership with Canopy Growth.

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‘Rooted in Education, Community, and Experience’

Acreage Holdings is a New York-based company that operates n multiple states including Massachusetts and Maryland. According to the Globe Newswire, the company “is dedicated to building and scaling operations to create a seamless, consumer-focused branded cannabis experience.” The Botanist, along with Live Resin Project, is an award-winning brand.

The Botanist seeks to create an “immersive hub for people who aspire to live a balanced and socially responsible lifestyle” that is “rooted in education, community, and experience” through holistic health with cannabis. As of this writing, only one of its MA branches namely the Worcester location is operational while the Shrewsbury and Leominster sites are still “coming soon,” as per its website.

The dispensary offers various types of recreational marijuana flowers, from Indica and Sativa to hybrid varieties. The store also carries cannabidiol products such as sweets, vape juices, tinctures, and topicals. It also has promotional offers for veterans, who can get a 10% discount.

Other Dispensaries to Try in Massachusetts

Aside from Acreage’s The Botanist, there are other dispensaries in the state that carries a wide variety of recreational and medical cannabis products. These facilities diversify the cannabis offerings in the state, creating a vibrant community in MA. Those who are looking for retail stores to try should check out these highly rated dispensaries:

  • Theory Wellness

Theory Wellness is a marijuana facility in Massachusetts with different locations, including in Bridgewater which sells medical products, Chicopee which sells recreational items and Great Barrington which sells medical and recreational cannabis. The flowers sold by Theory Wellness stores are developed by the company itself. It uses varieties of the plant that have unique genetics to create premium flowers, concentrates, and infused products.

For medical marijuana patients, the store offers TheoryCare, which gives MA residents with MMJ card discounts. With this service, the company subsidized costs through a discount program of up to 20%. Aside from its retail sales, the company also offers employment in the industry through its dispensaries and cultivation facilities.

  • Berkshire Roots

With a flagship store in Pittsfield, Berkshire Roots is dedicated to providing marijuana wellness products to its customers. It touts its unique offerings as the company also cultivates and harvests its own plants. Its varieties of marijuana are first-class as plant geneticists picked the best strains for the firm’s labs and processing facilities. As a result, Berkshire Roots offers high quality, handcrafted edibles, topicals, tinctures, and concentrates.

To ensure the quality of its products, the company works with MCR Labs, a third-party licensed laboratory that tests Berkshire Roots’ products. Among the things evaluated by the partner lab are potency, contents, and contaminants.

  • Patriot Care Greenfield

Patriot Care Greenfield seeks to provide a superb cannabis journey for experienced and inexperienced customers alike. By providing high-quality products, this company hopes to improve customers’ quality of life, especially for medical marijuana patients. To boost the quality of their product, Patriot Care taps state-of-the-art technology and organic cultivation. Products offered by this dispensary include flowers, oils, shatters, and paraphernalia.

  • Temescal Wellness

Temescal Wellness is a life cannabis company that has expanded its dispensary in Massachusetts. It provides consumers access to a wide range of recreational and medical marijuana products. It has been recognized as the very first Massachusetts-based cannabis company to open multiple marijuana markets, including dual-service markets, medical only-markets, and seed-to-sale production.

Today, it prides itself on offering its customers with a pre-order express pickup service that allows consumers to gain access to fast and efficient solutions. The pre-order feature now makes its recreational menu available for browsing and purchasing in as little as five minutes, thereby facilitating a convenient and seamless visit for guests.

Among its finest offerings is the CBD Blue Dream Cold Brew selection which is hailed for its production method and potency, as well as its C99 creation. The latter is perfect for a much-needed boost of energy that can power up just about anyone to help get them through the day.

  • Insa Easthampton

Another cannabis dispensary that’s worthy of anyone’s time (and money) is Insa Easthampton. After all, at the core of this establishment is providing its consumers with access to premium and personalized medical and recreational marijuana offerings.

What sets this dispensary apart from the rest is perhaps its unique approach to business. Besides using the best plants grown in controlled environments, the core mission of this establishment is to bring personalized medical and recreational cannabis use to a whole new level. Insa Easthampton banks on using cutting-edge developments and products designed to their patients’ and customers’ lifestyles.

For a welcome respite after a long and taxing day at work, their Cannatonic (CBD) – Relieve/Recover variant may be a viable contender against other strains. Apart from giving pain-relieving properties, this also provides stress- and anxiety-reducing benefits.

Those interested in their medical products can certainly take benefit from ordering the Clementine Orange Chews made with 100 milligrams of THC. With a heady blend of clementine, kumquate, and candied orange rind, this will surely be a party in anyone’s mouth.

MA Dispensaries

The Bottom Line

The cannabis industry in Massachusetts is definitely thriving, especially with the existing catalog of dispensaries you can choose from, as well as the newly approved players ready to enter the market. Residents and visitors alike can access medical and recreational products from various excellent sources.

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