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One of the greatest benefits of cannabis is that it brings people together. This is one of main reasons behind the explosion of cannabis events throughout Washington, DC. Everyday there are a wide array of events, ranging from private upscale events to pop-up markets packed with vendors.

We’ve created this guide for people who are attending an event for the first time.

Newbie FAQs

First off, how do I find these events?

You can check our blog which we update daily, sign up for our email list or follow us on facebook or twitter. Be sure to email / DM the host if you need more info (start time, location, etc.).

Is there a cover charge?

Every event is different, some events do have a cover charge ($5 – $20) while others are free. Sometimes the cover charge includes a free gift, if the event flyer does not specify, email / DM the host for more information.

Do I need A medical card?

No, you do not need a medical card to attend events. You just need to be over 21.

Do I need to be a D.C. Resident?

No, you don’t have to be a District resident to enjoy yourself. Just have your state ID with you.

Am I actually buying weed?

No, in D.C. Initiative 71 does not allow for the direct sale of marijuana but rather gift giving or donations. You are not buying any weed, you are buying an item like a t-shirt or sticker and your weed comes along as a gift / donation.  When asking about prices try to use terminology like ‘donation’. So instead of asking “What is the price of x?” you should ask “What is the donation for x?”

Can I bring weed in?

Yes, you can, but be mindful that not every event venue allows smoking inside.

Important things to note.

You will be patted down.

Be prepared to be searched at the door. They are just checking for weapons to keep everyone safe.

Take your time.

When you get in don’t feel rushed or pressured to pick up from the first vendor you talk to. Take your time and try to see every table and then make your decision. Don’t be shy, open up the jars and smell the weed. Also feel free to ask as many questions about the product as you need to.

Dibble & Dabble

Some vendors may be offering free dabs, we do NOT recommend participating unless you’re an experienced dabber.

Look for deals before you go.

Check our website for exclusive deals. These can be redeemed in-person at events.

Have a good time

Weed events are social functions, so the most important thing is that you have a good time. There are plenty of people to meet and cannabis is meant to be enjoyed together.

Leave a Review.

It helps everyone to hear your experience. If you have a favorite vendor or found an amazing product let the community know!

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