Understanding the various weed sizes or amounts that are available for purchase is vital to ensure weed enthusiasts get the most bang for their buck. Not only is it important to understand the various weed sizes in regards to spending money efficiently but that pairs directly with taking into consideration individual tolerance levels and smoking habits. It would not be smart for novice smokers with a low tolerance to purchase a pound or an ounce right off bat versus an eighth or quarter. But, that begs the question, what exactly is an ounce or a quarter? What is the secret to determining the perfect weed size?

Individuals looking to educates themselves on the various weed sizes that are available at the various dispensaries throughout the country, stay tuned. This article explores everything there is to know about the various options to choose from and provides recommendations based on smoking habits and tolerance levels for each amount.

What Are The Most Common Weed Sizes?

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First off, there are a total of six different weed size options available for purchase at dispensaries. Each amount is designed to suit different cannabis lovers and their smoking habits as well as posing some unique alternative uses aside from just smoking. Below is an in-depth list of each of the most common weed sizes with a discussion on how many uses each amount provides and the type of smoker it is best served for.

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First up is the gram which is one of the most common weed sizes, especially for those who are novice smokers or just looking to sample different types of cannabis strains. A gram can be used for around 1-2 bowls or rolled into a small joint. This can allow the individual to decide if they want to purchase a larger amount later on or a gram can also be a good place to start for beginners just getting their feet wet in the industry. Fun fact, a gram of weed is also referred to as a “dime bag” which is code for a $10 bag that usually yields around a gram of most cannabis strains.


weed sizes

An eighth follows right on behind the gram when it comes to popularity and is one of the most common weed sizes sold at dispensaries. An eighth equals about 3.5 grams of weed. For a lot of people, an eighth is a perfect amount to purchase as it can be used for various bowls (around seven) or to roll a couple of joints. This amount is recommended to more casual smokers or those who like to sample different cannabis strains but with more flower to savor.


A quarter is a step up from an eighth and represents a quarter of an ounce of cannabis. A quarter adds up to about 7 grams of weed which is also recommended for casual to moderate smokers and for small group smoking sessions. This amount is less common than the eighth but is the right choice for someone who smokes a little more. A quarter also costs more money than an eighth, but it could wind up being more efficient in the long run.


A half is quite literally, a half ounce and totals around 14 grams of weed. This size is recommended for moderate to regular smokers as it provides around 30 bowls and can roll a larger handful of joints or even blunts. A half is where cannabis starts to get a little expensive, with prices ranging at or around $100, so individuals with a higher tolerance more frequent smoking habits should be considering this amount.


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Due to possession laws in most states, an ounce is the largest quantity of cannabis that can be purchased at a dispensary. An ounce is roughly 28 grams and is recommended for cannabis enthusiasts who are regular or frequent smokers. Purchasing an ounce, or larger weed sizes, in general, is also recommended for those who want to make homemade edibles or extracts. An ounce can also be referred to as a “zip of weed” which has to do with an ounce fitting nicely within a Ziploc bag.

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A pound of weed is the rarest weed size and is mainly used by growers and dispensary owners when shipping and selling cannabis. A single pound of cannabis is equal to roughly 16 ounces of weed which is likely to last most cannabis enthusiasts for an entire year if they could get their hands on it.

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