Kratom is a naturally occurring herb that is known for its medicinal and therapeutic properties that have been used to treat injuries and illnesses for thousands of years. Like cannabis, there is some controversy surrounding the herb as well as a lack of research into the medicinal and recreational effects; however, despite the controversy, most states across the country do not have any laws or regulations regarding the herb, making it something available in most of the United States.

If you live in Florida, check out this article to learn some tips on how to get Kratom in Florida as well as a brief introduction to the herb and its medical properties. If you are looking for an alternative method to provide you with various therapeutic benefits, aside from cannabis, then Kratom might be right for you!

What Is Kratom?

how to get kratom in florida

So, what is Kratom? Kratom is a naturally occurring plant the originates from Southeast Asia. This herb has been used to provide migraine relief, decreased arthritis and pack pain, and can aid in managing symptoms of anxiety. It should be noted that all, if not most, of the reports, are based on first-hand, anecdotal accounts from people. There has not been significant research or study on Kratom and its various health benefits and side effects.

Like cannabis, there is some variety when it comes to Kratom and you can experience a range of effects. Some strains or varieties of Kratom are more stimulating and invigorating while others produce a more relaxing, sedative experience. There are three major varieties of Kratom: red, white, and green. You can typically find Kratom in the form of capsules or powder nowadays; however, traditionally the leaves were ground down into a powder which was stepped in tea, or some would chew on the leaves directly. Regardless of your method of consumption, the effects are known to set in after approximately 10 minutes.

Is Kratom Legal In Florida?

Now onto the big question, is Kratom legal in Florida? Rest assured, if you are from the Sunshine State you can obtain Kratom legally in Florida. There was some effort to include it as a banned or controlled substance a few years back; however, the effort failed and there have not been any significant attempts made since then. Some regions of Florida have banned or highly regulated the distribution of Kratom so conduct further research on the specific region that you live in, but, for the most part, Kratom is legal and accessible throughout the state of Florida.

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Health Benefits Of Kratom

There are various therapeutic properties associated with Kratom. Throughout history, Kratom has commonly been used to treat various injuries and illnesses including anxiety, depression, coughs, low libido, and pain. Science has found out, that two of the major compounds found in Kratom leaves interact with the opioid receptors in our brain. By stimulating the receptors, Kratom can produce a sedative feeling or feelings of pleasure while also boosting energy levels.

Like most things, Kratom affects people differently and everyone has their own unique experience with the herb. More study and research need to be conducted with the herb to gain insightful information regarding the possible health benefits that have yet to be explored about Kratom.

Is Kratom Safe?

It should be noted that Kratom is not regulated by the FDA which means there is no oversight or regulation over the distribution of Kratom in the United States. This means you have to be vigilant and conduct your research to find safe, clean, and reliable sources of Kratom.

It’s important to know that everyone’s body handles and metabolizes substances differently. This herb works wonderfully for some and might not be all that effective for others. However, it is not safe to ingest Kratom while drinking alcohol or while you are prescribed SSRIs or mood stabilizers as they can adversely interact with Kratom.

There are some known side effects to using Kratom which include loss of appetite, constipation, liver and kidney disease, and inflammation. You should refrain from using Kratom while smoking weed or other psychoactive substances as it could cause seizures. Stray from any opioids because it could induce the entourage effect and lead to an overdose or worse, death.

Where To Buy Kratom Online

If you are looking for somewhere to purchase Kratom online, look no further than Kraken Kratom which has the largest and highest quality of Kratom in the game. You can purchase anywhere from the powder, extract, or capsule form of Kratom and receive two-day shipping on all orders. Try checking them out for your next online purchase!

3 Best Places To Get Kratom In Florida

Now, if you live in Florida or are planning to travel there soon, this article wouldn’t be complete without some great recommendations of places to get Kratom. Each place chosen is located in a different part of Florida to try and showcase the varying places you could get your hands on some Kratom throughout the state.

Up In Smoke and Vape Shop

how to get kratom in florida
Credit: Up in Smoke and Vape Shop

Up In Smoke and Vape Shop is a store located in Jacksonville, FL that carries a variety of quality smoke, vape, and Kratom products. They carry some of the hottest vaping pens and e-liquids on the market as well as a variety of quality Kratom products for you to try.

Phone: (904) 328-6837

Address: 3622 St Johns Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32205

Smokin Spades

how to get kratom in florida
Credit: Smokin Spades

Smokin Spades is located in Miami, Florida, and has been dubbed “the best smoke and vape shop” in southern Florida. They average 5-star reviews and are known in the area for carrying high-quality CBD and Kratom products.

Phone: (305) 985-9274

Address: 11180 W Flagler St #7, Miami, FL 33174

Red Dragon Smoke Shop

how to get kratom in florida

Red Dragon Smoke Shop is one of the most popular smoke shops located in Orlando, FL. If you find yourself heading in that direction soon or if you happen to live in Orlando, check them out. They carry all the hottest products and offer various CBD and Kratom products. They have various smoke shops located throughout Orlando, so the shop listed is one of four total shops.

Phone: (407) 816-5001

Address: 11757 Orange Blossom Trail Ste A, Orlando, FL 32837

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