While there are still a few ways to go, cannabis is slowly making its way toward becoming a mainstream plant. This is thanks to the efforts of advocates and legislations that have led the legalization of cannabis and cannabinoids for medical use. In fact, more than half of the United States have legalized medical marijuana.

Add this to the fact that over 10 states, including Washington, DC, has made the recreational use of the plant legal. However, it is important to note that marijuana laws vary widely per state. Except for hemp, a CBD-rich variety of the plant, cannabis remains illegal on the federal level.

3 Main Points an MMJ Applicant in VA Should Remember

Medical Cannabis Virginia

As an aspiring medical marijuana patient in Virginia, it is important to know that the state has a unique take on the matter. Here is the key information that you should know when thinking of becoming an MMJ patient:

  • Marijuana is Illegal

In the state of Virginia, possessing cannabis is still illegal, except for minor amounts as per House Bill 972 and Senate Bill 2. The House Bill minimizes the punishment for carrying a half-ounce of cannabis down to a civil violation (with a $25 fine and without arrests or criminal record). Meanwhile, the Senate bill decreased punishments for possession of a maximum of one ounce to a $50 fine.

While this is good to know, keep in mind that the state does not have a clear medical marijuana program to make the plant easily accessible to patients that might need it. Instead, it has an affirmative defense rule that can let patients use and possess marijuana given that they register with the state.

  • You Can Apply Online

To apply for a medical marijuana card, you can use our friends at Veriheal who make the process super easy. Just book and online consultation and get approved to buy medical marijuana in Virginia. Start the process here.

  • The Rules Can Be Strict

Keep in mind that affirmative defense only lets you carry certain products and this only includes CBD and THC-A. When you get caught carrying such items, you can face legal consequences if you fail to present your certification. Your affirmative defense certification will defend you from law enforcement should you be questioned by the authorities.

Should you encounter problems with law enforcement even after showing your valid certification, you are advised to get in touch with an attorney or a court-appointed counsel. Before going to court, you should submit a signed certification 10 days before the schedule.

Aspiring medical marijuana patients in Virginia can have access to cannabinoids they need. Just make sure to observe these rules and follow these tips to minimize issues and you are good to go. Otherwise come to DC and take advantage of the growing cannabis market.

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