New stoners might find weed jars to be just another added expense; unnecessary at its worst and an inconvenient requirement at its best. You might have a vague notion that these little glass jars keep your weed fresh. But what are weed jars really for? Do you need it? How do they help keep your stash tasty and crisp? Below are tons of facts that can help you find out if you need a weed jar and how to choose the best one for you.

What is a Weed Jar?

At its simplest definition, a weed jar is an object that allows you to store your nugs to retain freshness and potency. These can be in any form, be it in a homey wooden container or an old-school glass jar. Whatever design you choose can reflect your personality and stoner profile in a more literal and expressive form. Also referred to as stash jars or containers, these storage instruments can come in all types of designs depending on their material and features.

High-quality weed jars help keep your cannabis dry and retain its delicious aroma. Additionally, weed jars can also protect your marijuana from UV rays and light which helps to maintain your cannabis’ original freshness for longer periods.

Why do you need to keep your stash fresh? The truth is puffing stale, prickly weed is not the best experience. You want to experience a relaxing and smooth smoke, and storing your weed right is just a part of the process. Weed that has not been stored properly can make for harsh and tasteless smoke. No one wants to feel like they swallowed a sea urchin while on a medium-high.

High-quality, fresh weed needs to be protected from air, light, and moisture— exactly what your weed jar was designed to do.

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What Are the Different Types of Weed Jars?

There are three main categories for weed containers. These are inspection containers, dispensary-to-home use, and bulk storage.

Inspection Containers

Inspection containers are the classy storage options you see at high-end dispensaries while browsing different cannabis strains. They usually have a magnification lens so you can look closely at the nugs, checking the colors and trichomes. You can also observe the freshness through these high-grade containers.

Bulk Storage

Just the word “bulk” spells it out for the average marijuana supplier, bulk storage containers hold large amounts of product in them; ready for wholesale purchases.

Dispensary-to-Home Use

These containers are the most common kind on the market, the storage that comes straight from the average dispensary right into your hands. Its quality does depend on where you chose to get your weed, may it be in a plastic Ziploc bag, plastic sealed bag, or a glass jar. These are not as sophisticated as the inspection containers but they are the more common storage you might notice when you buy weed.

Why Should You Use Weed Jars?

Cannabis bud slowly starts to deteriorate the minute you cut them off from the plant. The cannabis flower is organic matter that will eventually lose its freshness as time goes by. Once you harvest your buds, they need to be stored properly to minimize exposure to the aforementioned light, UV rays, air, and moisture. Weed jars offer that protection and are already widely used for this purpose. They are cheaper than most luxury or wholesale selling containers and do a good job for the individual stoner.

Not only does dried weed have a harsh taste and diminished flavor, but its psychoactive effects also lessen when exposed to UV rays. Keeping it away from moisture also makes it less likely to get moldy.

How To Store Your Weed

Knowing the elements that can be detrimental to your marijuana was the first step. Now you can learn how to avoid these when storing your weed. Here are some tips to take note of when storing your stash:

  • Choose an airtight container to keep air out.
  • Make sure the container and location are resistant to humidity.
  • Look for something that maintains a consistent temperature of roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Plastic bags are not a good idea. Your supply will lose its fragrance easily in plastic. These should be the last resort for when you need a travel container. Sorry plastic bag lovers!
  • Your humidity range should be around 55-62% so make sure to throw in a humidity packet to optimize the dryness of the storage space. You can ask for advice from the dispensary where you purchase your weed as to the best humidity levels for your nugs.
  • Glass weed jars give off a neutral electric charge which is the reason why dispensaries often use these instead of other types.

What Are Weed Jars Made Of?

Stoner culture revels in the sleekness and aesthetic of stash jars; cannabis lovers compare container specs and materials. While you might want that pretty-looking container you might want to know what it is made from. These materials themselves play an important role in keeping your Mary Jane safe and flavorful. Below are the most common materials used for weed jars to help you decide what you should get for your next purchase.


Some say glass jars are basic but others consider this to be the best option to store your weed. It is usually airtight and is used by big and small cannabis businesses alike when it comes to storing their marijuana. You can go for the classic glass jars or try out UV-resistant, shatterproof innovations to beef up your armory of stoner essentials.


You will find that metal is a very sturdy and stable choice. It does not break and keeps UV rays away. Metal options come in stainless steel or aluminum, making them shatterproof and effective in lessening humidity from reaching your weed. It can sometimes be an expensive investment but if you’re a clutz or just into buying quality, straight-off-the-bat, going for silver might be the way for you. You can even find scent-proof products for when you want to bring some marijuana with you on your travels.

Keep an eye out for synthetic materials being passed off as stainless steel or aluminum though; you do not want to spend the extra buck only to end up with dried weed. Look out for rubber or silicone jars which vendors might use to fool you.


Your cool friend might have a wooden jar that gives them a rugged, organic stoner vibe. Are these the best materials for your weed? In some cases, they are very tempting to buy. They look elegant and rustic, charming to the old soul in you. These are often made from carved pineapple or bamboo which makes them organic. Do not worry; its original smell will not transfer to your bud.

If you have fallen for the wooden weed container craze then you will want to get an all-out humidor. These are much like cigar humidors, giving you the same vibe as people in the 18th century experienced with their vintage cigars. The whole look is not only visually appealing but many companies provide humidors that can be safe for the environment. Recycled wooden materials rock this trend making them easy on the eyes but good for the earth too. Still, just to be on the safe side you might also want to ask the shop of your choice where they source their wood to make sure you have truly chosen the eco-friendly option.

The advantage of choosing wood is it perfectly blocks out UV light, 100%. This preserves the cannabinoids in your marijuana maintaining the flavors, smell, and potency.


Artisans that specialize in making weed jars can create dainty, visually appealing, and sometimes personalized jars out of terra-cotta or porcelain. These pieces are an art in and of itself making them quite a unique outlet for you to showcase your personality in your cannabis storage. Clay blocks light and keeps the weed at consistent temperatures. This is a much better option than going for plastic containers.

Their novel look can make your next marijuana session special and add an air of history or culture to the atmosphere. The risk is that clay can break if you so much as hit it the wrong way. Another aspect to consider is that clay can be heavy to transport. You will need a jar to bring to and from the dispensary and transfer your weed into the clay. For those too lazy to go through the extra steps this might not be the best option for you.

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What to Look For In a Weed Jar

Now you want to go weed jar shopping! Stop for a second. Here are some aspects to consider when making your purchase.

Light Protection

If you are a loud and proud cannabis connoisseur make sure to look for a weed jar that can protect your weed in both potencies as well as color. UV-resistant materials are important if you go with transparent containers like glass. You might also consider looking for a dark room.

UV light will fade your weed, both in color and potency. Look for UV-resistant materials because even an opaque container can let in some UV rays without the right protection. Fluorescent lights can also lower your bud quality so keep away from those too.


You do not want to end up inconveniencing people around you while you are traveling. Some strains can give off a pretty pungent aroma so you will want to consider buying smell-proof containers for travel especially if you are always flying from state to state. If you are a tourist looking for your next weed fix in DC, here’s a guide just for you. You’ll need some storage when you get to your next destination so make sure no smells leak out.


Longtime users might want bigger containers for more space while on-the-go stoners might want travel-sized storage for easier access. Find a size that fits who you are and how you consume your weed.


You know that moisture and oxygen are a no-go for your fresh weed. Airtight jars are ideal but that also means you will have to look for something easy to wash so that you can clean them regularly and have them ready for the next batch when you need it. Seals use rubber or silicone gasket for maximum effectiveness so make sure to look for those that look easy to clean.

Final Thoughts

If you want to enjoy your weed you’ll want to keep them at their best and weed jars can help you with that. There are all sorts of materials and types for you to choose from. Get something that fits your personality and lifestyle and you are sure to buy the best container for your stash. Looking for some weed to put in those jars? Look no further than 420DC. Check out our wide selection of delivery services and dispensaries here. Give us a shoutout upon ordering to get a discount.

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