As the summer sets in, many people are getting out and taking advantage of the outdoors. Whether it’s a picnic in Rock creek park or a day at the beach at the Chesapeake Bay, there are many ways to get active this summer. But if you prefer to enjoy the outdoors with a buzz like we do then you want to make sure you are using the right strains to give you energy and make your favorite activities even better. With that in mind, we’ve identified five sativa strains that can help you make the most out of your summer.

green crack dc weed

Green Crack

Arguably the best Sativa strain that is singularly known to alleviate stress, fatigue, and depression. Its pure cannabis nature invigorates focus, energy, and increase mental activity to complete your tasks throughout the day. Its fruity mango flavor makes it ideal to consume in the summer.

The strain instantly taps the liveliness of your body that sets in this immediate urge to have an exciting time with your friends and family.

Super Silver Haze

If you are someone that barely seems to have any energy left halfway through the day, the super silver haze will bring your energy back.

The long-lasting impact of the strain makes it perfect for Individuals who experience a lack of appetite or nausea. Furthermore, Super Silver Haze has 18-23% THC compound, which is more than enough to keep you intact with your busy schedule.

Also, the strain has earned a reputation in the cannabis industry as a go-to bud that transformers your weariness into alertness.

sour diesel dc

Sour Diesel

The instant cerebral effect of the strain is useful for anxiety, pain, stress, and depression. It instantaneously stimulates happy moods. Similarly, its extended impact is best for medical patients. Its diesel-like aroma is how the strain gets its legendary name.

Sour Diesel is a better fit to enjoy outdoors in the summer. Though If you experience frequent panic attacks, it’s probably wise to keep your distance from Sour D.


Tangie is the tweaked and updated version of the classic Tangerine Dream. Genetically, the strain is a crossover between hybrid California Orange and Skunk strain. And the first thing consumers notice is its citrus heritage and uplifting tangerine fragrance.

The active THC component of Tangie separates itself from other strains in the market. And it’s fluffy, orange haired, and light green look always makes it look fresh attractive.

Girl-Scout-Cookies dc

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

The supreme quality of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is the ultimate euphoric experience that simultaneously results in complete body relaxation for consumers. Its sweet and minty flavor attracts everyone. Though for decades, GSC has been a favorite partly because of it’s the enchantingly pungent earthy aroma.

GSC is also hard to grow, which makes consumers more hyped for its availability in the market. Additionally, the strain has gained popularity because of its healing powers for all sorts of symptoms and medical conditions.

Moreover, GSC is available in numerous variations. It’s formed with purple leaves that have neon orange hairs with twisted calyxes. It may taste sweet but make no mistake. It’s heavier THC compound presents will bring out all the pleasant feelings inside you.

The Last Word

These strains have unique properties that can help you get out, get active and take full advantage of the beautiful weather. You can find these and other strains from our professional delivery services.

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