If you live around the Bay area or have mingled in the diverse streets of the bustling metropolitan area, then you know about BackPack Boyz and the high-quality strains they have cultivated over the years. They have dominated the cannabis scene on the East Coast since 2017. Below are the top-shelf weed strains that BackPack Boyz can provide, according to consumer reviews. 

Who Are The BackPack Boyz?

The BackPack Boyz are marijuana cultivators from the Bay area. They pride themselves on creating unique and premium cannabis flowers and their reputation lives up to their mission. With big names like Apple Gelato and Cherry Gelato made thanks to the classic itself, this team knows how to put out a creative twist on a beloved marijuana favorite. One of their most famous strains is Horchata which helped to put them on the map for its popular creamy and spicy flavors. 

Aside from the tasty puffs, you can remember when thinking of the group’s esteemed name, its Rolls Royce reminiscent logo can send your brain daydreaming and partying amongst luxurious cars and flowing cash. The brand’s collaboration with the equally acclaimed Cookies family has produced a multitude of strains that fly right off the shelves. The Zerbert strain especially has sedative effects and minty taste has been one for the books due to this connection. 

Among all its popular successes, we have scoured the internet for some of the most well-reviewed and in-demand BackPack Boyz strains for you to check off your stoner bucket list, in no particular order. 

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5 Must-Try BackPack Boyz Cannabis Strains

backpack boys strains

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Why You Should Try It

This strain has unique and highly palatable flavors, providing lots of fanservice for berry loyalists. A cross between Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, this blissful high is a daytime joy pulling you out of those dragging Monday blues. 

Flavors and Aroma

Your mouth will water from its fragrance of berries, lemons, blueberries, raspberries, and pine. Its flavors hit the same spot, bringing some refreshing sweetness to your day. 

Guarana California

Why You Should Try It

Guarana California is an internationally-acclaimed strain known for its powerful, 25% average, THC levels. Its exotic origins and heavy-hitting effects are the reasons for the hype around this strain. While some love its intense high, others have a different reaction to this flower. The consensus is that it will send you into a sudden slumber. If you are not too careful that could go over the 8-hour sleep you envisioned. 

Veterans either get knocked out and need to be cautious with it while others find it to be a lightweight bud. Maybe this divide is a part of the appeal. 

Flavors and Aroma

With its smooth and light touch on the taste buds, Guarana California is just a fun and enjoyable ride all around. 

Scottie Pippen

Why You Should Try It

You will need strong resolute willpower against FOMO if you are planning to resist Scottie Pippen. Everyone has been talking about the famous person behind the weed but the marijuana itself is not far behind. This BackPack Boyz original is a rare find with that indica-dominant, seductive hit. 

Flavors and Aroma

Scottie Pippen has all the powerful flavors that produce a fiesta on your tongue. You will inhale luscious flavors of rich dark chocolate and coffee ice cream from this bud. The limonene terpene gives it that zesty flavor with a fresh squeeze with each inhale. 

Apple Mintz

Why You Should Try It

Created by Clearwater Genetics, BackPack Boyz made a sweet and gorgeous batch of Apple Mintz. This variation is a cross between Apple Fritter and Kush Mints. You will want this strain for the end of the night when you just want to relax and bask in these dessert-like flavors. Its vibrant greens, purples, and ambers complement its fresh and soft vibe.

Flavors and Aroma

Apple Mintz gives off a tropical fruit smell wrapped in hints of Kush Mintz smells. 

Horchata Strain

Why You Should Try It

This strain is the one on everyone’s bucket list. You have probably heard of it before but it is on this list too just to confirm your suspicions: you have to try this BackPack Boyz strain! To this day, Gelato as a classic is still being heralded even after its 2018 popularity peak. Horchata takes a few notes from this Hall of Famer. Its smooth smoke and creamy overarching tone make this Mochi Gelato and Jet Fuel Gelato cross a dream for old-school cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike. 

Flavors and Aroma

Horchata is the ultimate sweet with just a dash of spiciness to activate your creativity. Its high will motivate you and its smoothness is just a bonus.  

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Final Thoughts

backpack boyz strains

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