So you’re getting ready to spend an afternoon or morning high. You have your marijuana ready to enjoy via your preferred method- whether that be a joint, edibles, or something else. You have snacks on standby (always have snacks pre-prepared as you do not want to drive or go to the grocery store while high). You may even have a few friends over who may or may not be getting high with you.


Now what?


As it turns out there are quite a few activities that go great with marijuana highs. Ways to spend your time so that you aren’t simply stuck to your couch or sofa… though that might be the case regardless depending on the strain you partook. Even then there are fun things you can do when couch-locked.

 Fun Activities to Do While High

Here are 5 Fun Activities to Do While High.


1- Get Cooking

This is an especially enjoyable activity if you haven’t filled up on edibles (which you shouldn’t as too many edibles can make you sick in your stomach and lead to a bad high). Most often cannabis consumption will make you hungry so of course a great activity to do while high is preparing to satisfy that hunger.


Check your cupboards and fridge or- if you were planning ahead- you may already have something in mind. Regular cookies or brownies. Pasta. Lasagna. Stir fry. Any of countless dishes and recipes that you feel comfortable cooking or perhaps even want to experiment with.


Or you may want to check the local phonebook (if anyone still bothers with those things), check your local area on Google, or peruse the app of your choice to look for restaurants in your area that deliver. Order a pizza. Try out a cuisine you’ve never tasted before or have been hankering to try!


Plus, while you are waiting for your food to arrive you can do some of the other activities on this list.


2- Crack Open a Book

If you’re spending your high alone then a great activity to do (especially while waiting for your food delivery to arrive) is reading a book.


With the right book and the right cannabis strain you can find yourself immersed in whole worlds alongside larger-than-life characters and stories that demand you keep turning that page. Though you should probably avoid tragic and dark books. Especially avoid books like House of Leaves as they are a trip in and of themselves. Certainly not the kind of trip that goes well with cannabis. More so if you tend towards paranoid highs.


But even then there are tons of fantastical, whimsical, and just plain fun books to read while high: Naked Lunch by William S. Boroughs, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol, The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher to name a few.


3- Try to be Creative

Another great way to enjoy your high is by getting creative. While the argument is up in the air as to whether getting high with marijuana actually makes you more inspired or creative, some of history’s greatest artists and writers regularly partook in cannabis. Sometimes partaking while creating.


It might come as no surprise that painting can be a fun and even somewhat productive activity while high. You can even paint alongside others, sharing ideas and perspectives (especially if both are high) in addition to paints. There are games that can be played involving prompts and keywords and electronic drawing tools.


Writing is more of a solo activity but one with history and- dare I say- pedigree. Michael Chabon, Stephen King, and Maya Angelo are noted and widely acclaimed writers who have dabbled with writing while high. William S. Burroughs and Hunter S. Thompson have been known to write while high on any number of possible substances.


Painting and writing are just a few of the creative activities possible while high. So long as you are not handling anything dangerous (like say an acetylene torch for welding art) try to see if you can combine your preferred strains with your creative medium of choice.


Ultimately, as with many activities on this list, how much you enjoy being creative while high depends on you as a person and how you experience a marijuana high.


4- Game Night

A particularly fun activity to do while and with friends are games. The kind that are more about the entertainment value than any competition or sense of ‘beating’ anyone. Some are games that don’t need anything else but you and a group of friends while others might need an actual game set. Though you might want to avoid any games that take a long time to play or set up as well as possessing a lot of pieces and rules to keep up with.


Examples of good games to play while high include:


Cards Against Humanity– a game to prove who has the most awful imagination and one certain to send you laughing out of your seat… especially if you’re high.


Jenga– though not your typical game of falling towers of blocks as each block should include any number of possible instructions likely to make you more ridiculous… or enjoy more cannabis.


Board Games– with the right group of friends and the right game as well as the right cannabis an entire afternoon or evening can disappear. There are even board games that have been made specifically with cannabis consumption in mind.

 Fun Activities to Do While High

5- A Good Conversation

There is something to be said about the classics and few things are more classical than one of the oldest forms of mental stimulation. Talking. Exchanging ideas and exploring the philosophies of others. Engaging in friendly debates. All through something humans have been capable of doing for thousands of years, even before we started writing things down.


Even without any cannabis involved a good conversation can make hours disappear when it’s with the right people who share interests. With cannabis as both a relaxing influence and mental lubricant you are free to calmly share your thoughts with each other and possibly even reach surprising conclusions. Usually with cannabis your mental walls are lowered so with people you trust you can dig deep into topics you don’t normally discuss out in the open, either because the subjects are too intimate or too intricate to explore somewhere public like a restaurant or cafe.


What activities do you enjoy while high? What has been the most fun you’ve had while high.


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