Whether you are a tourist or local looking for professional weed delivery in Washington DC look no further. We curated the best weed & edible delivery services based on professionalism, selection, speed and security and these are the best ones in the Washington D.C. Area. All of these businesses are Initiative 71 compliant and if you mention 420DC when you call you will save big!

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Be sure to mention 420DC when you place your order to save big!

King Budz

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weed delivery dc king budz

King Budz is one of the highest-rated delivery services in DC. They have an extensive menu of premium flower, vape pens, concentrates and edibles. They are very fast and highly professional and will deliver anywhere in DC. Call (202) 638-9220 to place your order and take $10 OFF when you tell them 420DC sent you.

Lucky Chuckie

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lucky chuckie weed delivery

If you are looking for premium quality weed and super strong edibles these are the guys to talk to. They have 24/7 delivery so no matter what time you need you need some weed, they can meet you or you can pick it up. They are always getting new flavors in so check out their menu below. And when you tell them 420DC sent you, you will get free delivery.


Street Lawyer Services (Storefront @ Listen Vision Studios)

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street lawyer weed delivery

Offering marketing services and a variety of premium grade strains, Lonny the Street Lawyer, is well known throughout DC. At their storefront they sell legal coupons and offer a rotating menu of the highest grade flower available anywhere in DC. If you’re in a hurry and want to check out the gifts for yourself come visit us and hang out with the Street Lawyer Services Girls.

Exotic Blooms

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exotic blooms weed delivery

Exotic Blooms is a fast and professional weed delivery service. They have a large variety of premium flowers, vape carts and concentrates available to be delivered on demand to your home or hotel. Right now if you place a large order you will get a free exotic remedy preroll just call (540) 987-0488 and tell them 420DC sent you.


Hidden Leaf DC

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HIdden Leaf DC weed delivery

HIdden Leaf DC is a long standing delivery service with an established reputation of quality and professionalism. They always make on time deliveries and provide premium quality product. If you want the best then hidden leaf are your guys. Give them a call @ (202) 750-3194, especially on fridays when they have happy hour from 4-6pm.


Budtenders of DC

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Budtenders of DC caters to those who don’t want or are unable to go to a traditional dispensary.  They pride themselves on  professionalism, privacy and super fast service. Most deliveries are within an hour, with a self-imposed late fee, if we are 15 minutes or more past the estimated time of delivery. They have an extensive menu and offer discounts to veterans and cancer patients. Right now they have a deal for $200 oz and $120 HF oz if you mention 420DC when you order. Give them a call at (202) 455-6402.


District Connect

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District Connect Deal 420DC

District Connect is one of the best weed delivery services in DC with a huge menu of different flavors and products. No matter what you are looking for they will deliver it to you anywhere in the district on time and in a professional manner. When you mention 420DC you will get a free gift with your order just call (202) 631-8844.



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Herbology DC weed delivery

Herbology is a premier delivery service who offers great value. If you want deals and you want to get the most bang for your buck these are the guys to use. They are always offering different specials and if you mention 420dc they will hook you up even more. Call 202 749 9694 to place an order and be sure to mention 420DC.

Capitol Buds Delivery

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capitol buds delivery dc

Capitol Buds Delivery prides themselves on being a professional delivery service. They have a large menu with flower, vape carts, juul pods, wax and shatter available for delivery anywhere in the district. If you mention 420DC they will even give you a free preroll on your first order. Call them at 202 790 0881


Joint Delivery Co

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Joint Delivery Co

Joint Delivery is a customer service focused business that prides themselves on delivering an exceptional experience for their clientele. They offer cutting edge, top of the line smoking products and strive to develop long term relationships with the communities they serve. All of their products are sustainably farmed and responsibly made so you know you are getting high quality products. If you use our code 420JDC at checkout then you will get $10 off your order.


Capital Gardens

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Capital Gardens Weed Delivery

If you want some premium strains at a huge discount you need to check out the folks at Capital Gardens. They have a wide selection of rare strains and best of all they have super fast delivery. They promise to get to you in under an hour no matter what! If you want to take advantage of this deal call 202 321 2201 and tell them 420DC sent you.



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locald 420dc

LOCAL’d is one of the most professional and seamless delivery services in DC. They partner with local food companies from pizza to chocolate so that you can satisfy your munchies with some incredible food. They have a large selection to choose from and offer fast service. Use code 420DC15 and take 15% OFF your order on GetLocald.com

Better Bud Bureau

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Better Bud Bureau dc weed

Better Bud Bureau is a DC Based weed delivery service that provides top shelf flower, vape carts and amazing wax! You can place your order to your home, hotel or anywhere in between and they will deliver it to promptly and professionally. Even better is that you can save $5 on your order when you mention 420DC.


Capital Buds

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capital buds weed delivery dc

Capital Buds has one of the most extensive menus in the area. They offer professional delivery of almost every type of cannabis product you can imagine. From THC Juul pods to wax and everything in between. They are like a mobile dispensary. If you want an easy and seamless process be sure to give Capital Buds a text 202 679 0279 and tell them 420DC sent you.

Capital Treez

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capital treez weed delivery

Capital Treez is a dc based delivery service who takes pride in the high quality of their products and exceptional selection they offer. If you are looking for exotic strains or hard to find carts then you’ve found the right company. If you are in DC and need delivery give these guys a call at (202) 492-7277 and tell them 420DC sent you and you’ll get your 2nd cartridge half off.


Up N Smoke

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Up N Smoke is one of DC’s premier weed delivery services if you are looking for high quality flower with on demand delivery these are your guys. Check out upnsmokedc.com for their extensive menu and place your order there or call (202) 596-5909 and get a FREE PREROLL with your order.


Illuminate DC

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Illuminate DC

Illuminate DC has an extensive menu of premium flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals and vape carts. Everything is made with organic, non-gmo and/or natural products. They even offer a nice selection of vegan edibles. If you are looking for an easy, professional and healthy delivery service choose Illuminate DC. Best part is that you can take $20 off your order when you mention 420DC just call (202) 834-9884 or visit illuminatedc.com


Flower Ave

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flower ave weed delivery

Flower ave productions has a exclusive menu of rare strains available for delivery or pickup. If you need something different to smoke try Flower Ave. Call 240 794 8158

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