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420DC Weekly Roundup - May 2020 1 2022


Washington DC Dispensaries Respond to Cannabis Delivery Rule

420DC Weekly Roundup - May 2020 2 2022

For the first time, medical cannabis dispensaries in Washington DC can deliver due to an emergency rule introduced during the pandemic. The Outlaw Report talks to dispensary owners reimagining their business during COVID-19 and asks whether delivery might continue post-pandemic: “Medical marijuana dispensaries—legally licensed—should have the same benefits as pharmacies,” one owner said.

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Cannabis Reform Has Not Stopped Virginia Cops From Touting Pot Busts

420DC Weekly Roundup - May 2020 3 2022

After Virginia cannabis arrests were at their highest in 20 years back in 2019, VA has made major steps forward with cannabis reform this legislative session. Still, stories of felony-level arrests continue to make the news. In a state headed for change, why are law enforcement still touting big pot busts? 

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Physician Volunteering To Help With COVID-19 Rejected Because She Uses Medicinal Cannabis

420DC Weekly Roundup - May 2020 4 2022

The Outlaw Report speaks to a physician denied the opportunity to help Baltimoreans with COVID-19 because she tested positive for cannabis—even though she has a medicinal cannabis card. It “broke her heart,” she said, to apply and mentally prepare for fighting COVID-19 only to be told the medicine she is legally prescribed prevented her from helping to save lives.

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