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Headlines from 9/8-9/15

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420DC Weekly Round Up from 9/8-9/15 1 2023


California-to-Virginia Weed Gang Indicted

420DC Weekly Round Up from 9/8-9/15 2 2023The Reccless Tigers, a Virginia gang primarily dealing in cannabis and cannabis-related products was indicted last month. The wild story of this gang involves California weed farms, firebombings, two murders, social media stunting, and selling vape pens to middle and high schoolers.


Washington D.C.

The New Modern-Day Criminal Justice Cannabis Reform Act of 2020 Is Considered by the Board of Elections

420DC Weekly Round Up from 9/8-9/15 3 2023

The Outlaw Report attended last week’s Board of Elections hearing about a last-minute—and possibly game changing—ballot initiative that would create a commercial cannabis industry, limit police powers, and increase racial equity. “Cannabis prohibition puts a target on minorities,” said Kyla Hill, deputy director of Modern Day Cannabis Justice Reform, the organization spearheading the initiative.



“No Evidence of Bias or Undue Influence” in Cannabis Commission Review Process

420DC Weekly Round Up from 9/8-9/15 4 2023

The results of a lengthy investigation into whether or not there was any bias or undue influence in how the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission awarded a 2019 group of licensees is out and for the most part, it says nobody did anything wrong. The report even claims that former Maryland Delegate Cheryl Glenn, who was federally indicted for taking bribes from prospective cannabis companies did not influence the license review process.


Quick Hit

This Thursday: The National Cannabis Policy Summit

420DC Weekly Round Up from 9/8-9/15 5 2023

One of the very few benefits of the pandemic: Virtual events such as the National Cannabis Policy Summit are accessible to way more cannabis advocates. On Thursday hear among others, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, Richmond VA Mayor Levar Stoney, and NORML’s Justin Strekal, discussing cannabis reform.

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