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Headlines from 9/1-9/8

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420DC Weekly Round Up from 9/1-9/8 1 2023


An Illegal Stop, a Blunt, and an Unsolved Murder

420DC Weekly Round Up from 9/1-9/8 2 2023The Outlaw Report explores a complaint full of shocking allegations. A Baltimore man, Sherman Reed Jr. was stopped by police and searched illegally, was let go for a blunt—until cops realized he was recording them. They soon arrested him and the complaint says, planted cocaine on him. Reed Jr. filed a complaint against the officers but was found murdered in his house days before he was supposed to speak to Internal Affairs.



The MORE Act—Crucial To Nationwide Legalization—Will Get A Vote

420DC Weekly Round Up from 9/1-9/8 3 2023

Later this month, the House will vote on The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement Act (MORE Act), a potentially historic bill which would facilitate nationwide cannabis legalization. “Passage of The MORE Act is essential in order to truly right the wrongs of federal marijuana criminalization, and to once and for all allow the majority of states that have legalized cannabis for either medical or adult-use to embrace these policies free from the threat of undue federal prosecution or interference,” NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano said.



Special Legislative Session Already Yielding Results in Cannabis Reform

420DC Weekly Round Up from 9/1-9/8 4 2023

Virginia’s Special Legislative Session is set to tackle legalization and although it has not gotten to that yet, the state Senate did approve a crucial bill which would prevent police officers from stopping drivers and searching their cars based on cannabis smell alone.


Quick Hit

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission Meeting Rescheduled

420DC Weekly Round Up from 9/1-9/8 5 2023A half-hour after it was supposed to start, last week’s Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission meeting was cancelled. It has since been rescheduled (for this Thursday, September 3) but the Outlaw Report has heard from cannabis industry insiders frustrated by the commission’s lack of urgency. 

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