420DC Weekly Round Up

Headlines from 9/29-10/6

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420DC Weekly Round Up 9/29-10/6 1 2023


Dispensary Shake-Ups In Maryland

420DC Weekly Round Up 9/29-10/6 2 2023

Ethos Cannabis has taken over the management of a number of dispensaries in Maryland and a general manager at Ellicott City, MD dispensary Nature’s Medicines is being sued for sexual harassment, according to The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Meanwhile, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission Policy Committee meeting began unpacking the complexities of testing. “This industry moves very, very quickly. The science is behind in terms of the pace of the industry and regulations lag behind the science,” said the MMCC’s Lori Dodson.



Court Of Special Appeals Rules In Favor Of Trucker With Weed In His Shoe

420DC Weekly Round Up 9/29-10/6 3 2023

Earlier this month, The United States Court of Special Appeals Fourth Circuit in the Eastern District of Virginia issued a ruling in favor of a truck driver stopped for not having the proper permit and also charged with cannabis possession. “When he asked Feliciana if the pipe was for marijuana, Feliciana lunged toward the truck, at which point Officer Alto restrained him in handcuffs,” the ruling explains. “Ultimately, after searching the truck and Feliciana, Officer Alto found a small bag of marijuana in Feliciana’s shoe,” the ruling explains.



Fuzzy Math From Police When It Comes To Cannabis Arrests

420DC Weekly Round Up 9/29-10/6 4 2023

The Outlaw Report explores the ways in which the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. and the Baltimore Police Department have been hesitant to release cannabis arrest data. Nevertheless, reporting from ACLU, Washington Post, and The Outlaw Report reveal the racially disproportionate ways cannabis is policed.


Quick Hit

Introducing The Normalization of Cannabis Act

420DC Weekly Round Up 9/29-10/6 5 2023

In front of a hemp farm, Democrat candidate for West Virginia’s House of Delegates Chris Yeager and Rusty Williams introduced The Normalization of Cannabis Act via a livestream on Facebook. “[The Normalization of Cannabis Act is] the first piece of comprehensive cannabis legislation that we intend to introduce should we both be fortunate enough to win in November,” Williams announced.

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