420DC Weekly Round Up

Headlines from 8/25-9/1

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420DC Weekly Round Up 8/25-9/1 1 2023


Commercial Cannabis May Be Put Up For A Vote in D.C.—Again

420DC Weekly Round Up 8/25-9/1 2 2023

The New Modern Day Cannabis Justice Reform Act is a ballot initiative in Washington D.C. that intends to do what should have been done back in 2014: Create a commercial cannabis industry in the District. The initiative would also stop prosecution for cannabis growing, dealing, and using; prevent police from using the presence of cannabis to search people; and expunge all cannabis convictions. Will the Board of Elections allow it? Will Andy Harris try to stop it? 



Virginia’s Special Legislative Section Looks At Legalization

420DC Weekly Round Up 8/25-9/1 3 2023

The special legislative session convened by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam began last week on Tuesday August 18, and among the issues discussed are ongoing changes both big and small to cannabis reform in the state. Legalization will be discussed along with cannabis charge expungement and a potentially groundbreaking bill preventing police officers from searching a person or a person’s vehicle based only on the smell of cannabis.  


Quick Hit

Look Out, the D.E.A. Is Low-Key About To Go After Hemp

420DC Weekly Round Up 8/25-9/1 4 2023

The Drug Enforcement Administration published the interim final rule “clarifying” the definition of hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill, which sounds innocuous enough. But the August 21 interim final rule regarding hemp is the equivalent, attorney Rod Kight said, to the Trump administration “dropp[ing] a bomb on the hemp industry.”  



The Outlaw Report Talks To NORML’s Justin Strekal

420DC Weekly Round Up 8/25-9/1 5 2023

In the latest episode of The Outlaw Report podcast, Scott Cecil talks to NORML Political Director Justin Strekal about the MORE Act, sponsored by Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick Kamala Harris and The Outlaw Report’s Brandon Soderberg discusses Virginia’s ongoing reforms and the special legislative session and Maryland’s woeful progress when it comes to cannabis reform in 2020. Listen to episode five oon Apple and Spotify.


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