420DC Weekly Round Up

Headlines from 8/11-8/18

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420DC Weekly Round Up 8/11-8/18 1 2023


So Maryland Finally Has A Hemp Plan

420DC Weekly Round Up 8/11-8/18 2 2023

The United States Department Of Agriculture announced last week that it had approved Maryland’s hemp regulatory plan. Back in July, the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s proposal explored the potential income generated by these fees. “For illustrative purposes only, if 100-150 persons apply for licensure and are, in fact, issued a license, special fund revenues would total $55,000-$80,000,” the proposal read. “And if samples are tested for THC, special fund revenues would increase an additional $125,000.” 



A Synthetic Cannabinoid Conspiracy in Virginia

420DC Weekly Round Up 8/11-8/18 3 2023

In March of this year, a federal indictment revealed a three-year long investigation into a multi-state conspiracy to distribute and sell synthetic cannabinoids. The investigation, which began in Virginia, alleged that Joseph Ruis, Kimberly Drumm and Bonnie Turner ran a business out of California called Aroma Superstore where spice could be purchased. William Walsh, a business owner who bought spice from Aroma Superstore sold it to a man who overdosed and died. Recently, Walsh plead not guilty to charges of distributing synthetic cannabinoids that lead to a death.



Episode 04: Weed Smell in Maryland and the Democrats’ Limited Cannabis Reform

420DC Weekly Round Up 8/11-8/18 4 2023

In the latest episode of The Outlaw Report podcast, Scott Cecil and Brandon Soderberg discuss the new cannabis ruling in Maryland’s Court of Appeals related to smell and searching people, the politics of cannabis at the federal level and the Democratic National Committee’s decision to leave weed legalization off its 2020 platform.


This Week’s Quick Hit

A Psychedelic Therapy Reading List

420DC Weekly Round Up 8/11-8/18 5 2023

In November in Washington D.C., the decriminalization of psychedelics will be put up for vote. For those who don’t understand why advocates are pushing for this initiative, The Outlaw Report recommends five psychedelics books that argue for the therapeutic significance of shrooms, mescaline, and more.

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