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420DC Weekly Round Up: 7/7 - 7/14 1 2022


Virginia Cannabis Decriminalization: What It Is and What It Isn’t

420DC Weekly Round Up: 7/7 - 7/14 2 2022

As of July 1, cannabis possession of up to one ounce is decriminalized in Virginia. The Outlaw Report offers up a useful explainer detailing the basics of decriminalization as well as some complexities including what it means for juveniles caught with weed and why those with even an ounce or less can be potentially charged with intent to distribute.



The 2018 Farm Bill Makes It Harder For Crime Labs To Test For THC

420DC Weekly Round Up: 7/7 - 7/14 3 2022

The 2018 Farm Bill was great for those trying to enter the hemp industry—after all, it made hemp legal and differentiated it from cannabis. But according to police in Baltimore, the Farm Bill has made their job harder. Crime labs only equipped with technology that can determine the presence of rather than the percentage of THC in a plant are useless now that hemp’s low THC levels are legally acceptable. At least one cop however, thinks that’s a good thing and hopes it moves weed legalization along. “It should be legal anyways,” the Baltimore cop said. “No one becomes a cop in 2020 to bust kids at college for pot.”



Amendment Would Allow Former Military To Reenlist Even If They Have Used Cannabis

420DC Weekly Round Up: 7/7 - 7/14 4 2022

For the third year in a row, pro-cannabis Democratic representative Ruben Gallego has proposed that people who want to reenlist in the military should not be prevented from doing so if they admit they have used cannabis and even if they have been charged with a misdemeanor related to cannabis. “Smoking pot just once shouldn’t prevent a patriotic American from fighting for our country,” Gallego said.


This Week’s Quick Hit

Learn About Weed and Vaping…From the DEA

420DC Weekly Round Up: 7/7 - 7/14 5 2022

In a new weekly feature at The Outlaw Report, we pull up a little bit of weed weirdness from pop culture or the worldwide web and break it down. This week, we discuss the Drug Enforcement Administration’s newly-released drug fact sheets, covering every drug from A to Z, well not quite—though it does cover every drug from amphetamines to the synthetic opioid U-47700. Make sure to check out the “street names” section for some entertaining slang no one really uses except for perhaps a DEA agent. Aunt Mary? Really?


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