420DC Weekly Round Up

Headlines from 7/21-7/28

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420DC Weekly Round Up 7/21-7/28 1 2022

Washington D.C.

Cannabis and Shrooms Enemy Andy Harris Backs Down—For Now

420DC Weekly Round Up 7/21-7/28 2 2022

Standing before the House Appropriations Committee, Maryland Congressional Representative Andy Harris, wearing a mask, hunched forward to speak into the microphone and announced he would withdraw his amendment opposing Initiative 81 which would decriminalize psychedelics in the District of Columbia. For those battling Harris’ anti-drug shenanigans for years, it was a tiny victory. But already there are concerns Harris will resurrect the amendment later on with more support.


Virginia Medicinal Cannabis On Its Way, Maryland Medicinal Continues To Deal With Racial Equity

420DC Weekly Round Up 7/21-7/28 3 2022

In one legislative session, Virginia has pretty much caught up with Maryland when it comes to cannabis reform. It has been decriminalized, conversations about legalization are happening, and its medicinal cannabis program should start in the next couple of months. Meanwhile, Maryland continues to wrestle with racial equity issues in the medicinal cannabis program and it is unclear when the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission will award additional licenses.



Violent Arrest in Virginia on 4/20 Last Year Involving Cannabis Smell Being Investigated

420DC Weekly Round Up 7/21-7/28 4 2022

On April 20, 2019, a Black man in Virginia was pulled over, accused of smelling of cannabis, and violently arrested—and it is all captured by the man’s cell phone. The video has now been released to the public as a lawyer calls for accountability amid a moment where police accountability is a bit more likely. “You’re gonna get your f——g ass whooped in front of Lord and all creation,” the state trooper, who is currently on administrative leave, tells the man.


This Week’s Quick Hit

Quick Hit: What Happens When A Politician Gets Gifted a CBD Pen?

420DC Weekly Round Up 7/21-7/28 5 2022

Last week, The Baltimore Brew revealed that Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who has been known as being particularly progressive when it comes to cannabis reform, received a number of gifts over the past few years including some cannabis-related products from Select Brands. As cannabis reform continues, you can expect more politicians to pick up some weed or CBD schwag—and we’d be wise to not make a big deal about it. 

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